Is this really the best we can do? 

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I keep thinking to myself, which would I rather have: Guys tearing the roof off my house while I try to write; or having to make a choice between the "leaders" of the various political parties jockeying to run the province?

Unfortunately, there are guys tearing the roof off my house while I'm writing this. It's like being inside a kettle drum while people with no sense of rhythm randomly whack on it... in stereo, one being at one end of the house and the other being right over my heaaaaaaaad. The added special effect of the whole house shaking under their blows leaves me with that familiar, disoriented feeling of being on solid ground after an extended period of time at sea. Ain't 'pose to be shakin', but it is.

The far more damaging reality is the miserable choice presented in our provincial election. Forcing myself to watch the "leaders" debate Monday evening, I was left with the unsettling feeling there is no hope for the immediate future. I tried to listen intently to what they had to say, fighting an almost irresistible urge to plunge knitting needles through my ears. Fortunately, there aren't any knitting needles at Smilin' Dog Manor and the large framing nails are too far away to be useful.

Perhaps I missed something — and you, ever-vigilant readers, can fill in the blanks — but did any of them say anything even remotely helpful? Let me pose an easier question. Did any of them actually answer any questions put to them? I was left with the distinct feeling their "answers" were from the Magic 8 Ball school of spin. They left me feeling insulted, as though perhaps the "leaders" assumed no one would notice they were doing anything other than reacting with meaningless talking points drilled into their empty heads.

Is this really the best we can do? If it is, I don't see a lot of hope for the future.

As with any difficult question — and make no mistake, who to vote for in this election is a difficult question — it's probably best to start with the answers most easily eliminated. That, of course, would be John Cummins, "leader" of the BC Conservative Party.

The only reason to wish John well is if you are a staunch NDP supporter and see his constructive contribution to this election as stealing votes away from the Liberal (in name only) Party. Otherwise, John's likely support will only come from those development-at-any-cost neo-feudalists who believe there should only be two classes of people — the wealthy and the indentured.

John has never seen a business deal he couldn't support. Northern Gateway? Bring it on. Kinder Morgan? Bring it on. Given a chance, I'm sure John would be willing to sell hunting tags to well-heeled "sportsmen" who'd pay anything to bag a spirit bear. If it's your unspoken dream to have serfs working for you, John's your guy.


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