Jack Crompton – In love with it all 

click to enlarge Positive energy RMOW Councillor Jack Crompton with wife Carolyn
  • Positive energy RMOW Councillor Jack Crompton with wife Carolyn

For the next several weeks, leading up to the one-year election anniversary of the current council, Alta States will focus on some one-on-one time with each councillor.

"In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision."

- Dalai Lama

You can't help but smile around the guy. That shock of red hair, those clear blue eyes, that round happy face — even that booming, welcoming voice of his — it all adds up to such a cheerful whole that you're soon caught up in his merry spirit. No question. Jack Crompton has light-hearted energy to spare.

But don't mistake that light-heartedness for flippancy. Only 37-years-old — and already the father of four kids — Crompton's entrepreneurial chutzpah (primarily in the transportation field) has already delivered impressive financial returns for him, his associates and his family. But that's clearly not what motivates him in life.

Sorry, that's not quite true. What I should have written is that it's not the only thing that motivates him. For Jack Crompton is one of those rare fellows who seems irrevocably, unmistakably, unabashedly in love with life. Totally engaged. Entirely involved with the here and now. Bring up any subject — his wife Carolyn, his children, his friends, his biking, his skiing, his business, his politics — and Crompton will completely open his heart to you. There's no play-acting with Jack. What you see is exactly what you're going to get...

Take his rookie year on council. "What a great experience it's been," he says. And smiles. "I know this sounds like I'm giving you a line. But it's been a lot of fun. Turns out we all get along really well... we actually like being together." He pauses for a breath. "You know, we're all so different from each other, there's such a great diversity of experience there, but somehow it all works... it makes the job thoroughly enjoyable."

And educational. "Being the youngest one on council, I feel like I'm the direct beneficiary of all that experience," he adds. And smiles again. "I'm learning from some of the best mentors in Sea to Sky. And that's very cool..."

Some would say he's selling himself a wee bit short. That behind Crompton's easy-going bonhomie is the sharp mind of a battle-hardened businessman. And that's not a bad thing. Especially in Whistler, especially in 2012.

Oh! But I'm getting ahead of myself again. Let's go back to the beginning. He was born and raised in Kelowna, in the very heart of the Okanagan. But Sea to Sky country, he says, was always his "soul" base. "My granddad, Ray, was a mountaineer," recounts Jack, "He built a cabin at Whistler in the 1960s... in Alta Vista. The very home that I now own and live in with my little brood..."

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