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  • Positive energy RMOW Councillor Jack Crompton with wife Carolyn

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Whistler was all about family for the Cromptons when Jack was a kid. "Everyone went skiing," says the oldest of four boys. "I remember doing 'technique runs' behind my granddad, a whole gang of us, skiing from top-to-bottom of the mountain. He always reminded us to take a breath and enjoy what he called 'the thrill of the turn.' It's easily one of my favourite memories..."

But Jack's family connections extended even further. "Dave Murray was my second cousin," he explains. "So we were big into the Summer Camp thing too." He stops. Laughs. "I remember leaving town totally exhausted at the end of those camps."

There was no denying it now. Young Jack was smitten with the mountains. And by the mid '90s he was increasingly feeling their pull. "Whistler was very much a winter place for my family. But I was also into mountain biking and camping and climbing so the 'off-season' had more appeal to me." He was living in Vancouver by this point, studying genetics at Trinity Western University in the Fraser Valley. His goal back then, he says, was to enter medical school and become a physician.

Whistler, however, kept calling. "I spent a few years up here after finishing my degree in '98. I kinda became the caretaker for the family cabin. " He laughs. "It was great, you know. Living and playing in the mountains felt way more comfortable than going to school in the city..."

Still, there was this medical degree thing he had to attend to. "So I moved to Edmonton for a year with plans to attend the U of A's medical school there." Meanwhile, he'd met this wonderful woman in Vancouver who just seemed... well, let's just say Jack was quite taken with her. And she (eventually) with him. So they decided to get married. And seeing that Carolyn was from Edmonton originally — well, it only made sense to hold the ceremony there.

But neither his medical studies — nor Alberta's great northern flatlands — could hold Crompton's attention for the long-term. Soon he was pining for the lofty peaks of his coastal home. "I wanted to bring Carolyn to Whistler so she could experience my roots," he explains. "I really wanted to show her what this place was all about." So that's what he did. Alberta and his medical degree soon vanished in the rear-view mirror.

The young couple moved to the Whistler valley in 2001. And immediately set to work putting down roots. "I already knew a lot of people," explains Jack, "having spent all my weekends up here, skiing, riding my bike..." Still, he didn't just sit back and let thing happen on their own. "I went to work for the ski school, helped at a church, did construction..." He laughs. "Even did my fair share of apres-ski."

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