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Joan McIntyre, Liberal 

Joan McIntyre co-founded the polling firm McIntyre & Mustel Research Associates Ltd. in 1980. She sold her interest in the company in 1996 and has since done independent work, concentrating on the qualitative side of the research business.


She spent 12 years on the West Vancouver-Garibaldi Liberal riding executive, including six years as president. She was also on the B.C. Liberal provincial executive for three years. Married and a mother of two, she has lived in West Vancouver-Garibaldi since 1983.

Her website is:

Pique: Why are you running?

Joan McIntyre: There are three main reasons. They relate to bringing my personal skills to the table; the listening and interpretive skills that IÕve honed over 30 years in the research business and now have a chance to put those skills into action and to hopefully be a strong voice for the corridor and advocate on behalf of our needs and concerns.

On the constituency level, IÕd like to make sure that the benefits and rewards of this difficult economic turn-around flow back into the communities and families of the corridor. WeÕre going to have a global spotlight on us as we move toward 2010 and I want to make sure that we have VictoriaÕs attention on this riding and that we provide the communities with the infrastructure and the funds they need to reach their goals.

And on the provincial scene, I would like to see this provincial government get a second mandate to keep us on the upward track, to keep going and make sure we build on the momentum and the progress weÕve already made to date.

Pique: What do you see your role as the MLA being?

JM: I think the role of the MLA is to look at the bigger picture. We have nine or 10 communities in the corridor, we have shared interests, shared concerns, but in some circumstance we also have competing interests Ð and even within communities we have competing interests. So I think itÕs important that at a certain level thereÕs a look at the bigger picture and the vision for the whole corridor. But I really think itÕs the role of the MLA to help with the infrastructure, to make sure that communities get to meet their needs, and to helpÉ as a facilitator and make sure that weÕve got balance, that weÕre looking at the social and the environmental and economic concerns in balance, in a perspective so that one is not getting ahead of the other and that thereÕs sort of an overseer of the visions and concerns.

Pique: What do you see or have you heard are issues for voters, in Whistler and throughout the corridor?

JM: In Whistler one of the thingsÉ is to make sure that VANOC honours its commitments to the community. There were some commitments made in terms of land and things like financial tools that I know people are concerned about. ItÕs important that thereÕs someone there to help the community in dealing with those issues. There are First Nations issues that have also been given commitments by VANOC. So I think thatÕs a big role for the MLA to play in the coming years.

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