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In response to G.D. Maxwell's editorial in the April 27 issue of Pique , we would like to assuage his fears of becoming a tourist attraction when we ding-ding our "neo-retro rubber tired trolley" through his home and native Nesters. As much as we would love to point out Mr. Maxwell's pad and the caseloads of Green Giant Creamed Corn on our let the "world roll past your windows" extravaganza, out tour will highlight the wonderfully crafted pensions in the Nesters area, much to the pleasure of the local business folk.

Nesters area spans beyond "where the locals shop", or didn't you know? Do your homework, Mr. Maxwell, before you bang-bang your silver hammer on our much demanded and most-approved of drive-by tour. We don't stop in the Nesters area. We drive by and highlight the areas that make Whistler great in the first place – the few older style pensions that have been here longer than you’ve been "G.D."

We also point out the newest development in town – Nesters Hill. We then get out of the way of the "clutch of phat boarders all wearing those dorky red Roots hats backwards" and continue on our way. You do provoke a few good ideas, we must admit. Perhaps we can hire Ross to "toke a dube" for the gorbies when we pass by, and have him blow smoke rings in the shape of the Olympics logo. 2010 here we come!

We promise that when we go by your backyard we will divert our Whistler guests’ eyes to look the other way. As for the hardworking pension owners and merchants in the Nesters area (and many other areas) to whom we are showcasing their wares, we understand how unappreciated and over "by-lawed" they are.

Glacier has been in this resort for 20 years and has watched Whistler's short but unique history in the making. Perhaps you should learn about this history, Mr. Maxwell. Glacier is extremely community minded and proud of what the community (including our company) has accomplished. It is NOT easy to operate here as a motorcoach company. It must be, however, very easy for you to write your thoughts and collect a paycheque – but what are you doing to promote out town?

We have groups call us who say they will now come to Whistler and spend their dollars/yen/pesos, etc. because there is now something for the perhaps not-so-active members of their parties to do. That means they book hotel rooms and eat at restaurants, which in turn allows those hotels and restaurants to have capital to advertise with Pique, who in turn gives you your paycheque. What have you done for us lately?

We buy our skate skis at Wild Willies. We buy our latte's in local shops. Hell, we even pick up the Pique! We're a local company – we haven't abandoned Whistler in spite of its sometimes unforgiving political, financial and temporal conditions, and we're happy to showcase Whistler's best architecture, parks and businesses by this inventive method. We would love to give you a free ride at your convenience, Mr. Maxwell, just give us a call. You might learn something.

Ding! Ding! All Aboaaaaaaard!

Laurel Robinson

Glacier Transportation and Tours

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