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Put police money to good use

I have been reading the numerous articles and letters written lately regarding the idea of a full-time liaison officer for the schools. To this point I had decided not to comment, but reading the June 1st article in the Pique — ‘Parents divided on police in schools’ — has made me realize how quickly this process is moving along.

I am a Grade 10 student at Whistler Secondary School and I have lived in this town all my life. I attended Myrtle Philip until four years ago, and unless the school has changed drastically in that time, what I have to say applies to both schools.

It is my opinion, and the opinion of many other students in the school, that there is no need for a police officer in the schools. I feel it would be a huge waste of money that could be spent on other things.

As a matter of fact, I am surprised that nobody asked for student input on the issue before getting to this stage. When I read in the Pique article that, "there was debate as to whether student input should be sought," I had to shake my head. Why there should be debate is beyond me. I would have thought the question a no brainer. Who knows more about the needs of a school than the students and teachers that spend virtually every day there?

If the parents in this community ever want their children to take responsibility and initiative for themselves they need to include us in the decision making process. Student input and co-operation has been asked for in a multitude of areas from Safe Schools to the choosing of the new principal and vice principal. What makes this issue so different?

If the parents who are so in favour of this plan talked to the students and teachers, or even spent a brief period of time in the school themselves, I believe they would realize that there is no call to have a police officer in the school.

Look at the number of police incidents that we have each year, a liaison officer would have nothing to do.

If the town of Whistler so badly wants to pump more money into the schools put it to good use. Hire a new teacher, build us a dark room, find us a computer system that works, or get the yearbook a new digital camera.

By all means put money into the school, but use your heads about it. This is not a school that needs a full time police officer. I hope you will take this into consideration before making your decision.

Kimberley Fenwick


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