Letters to the editor for the week of April 4th 

20 Bald Heads!

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20 Bald Heads!

Whistler Friends Society held the annual Whistler Balding for Dollars event on Easter Sunday at the GLC and there are now 20 people out there sporting flashy new shiny heads for a good cause.

Balding for Dollars is a province-wide fundraiser in support of kids with cancer at BC Children's Hospital.  Each year, dozens of Whistlerites make a commitment to enhance the lives of kids suffering from cancer by collecting pledges to have their heads shaved. 

This year that group of participants included five women, three kids aged seven years or younger, and many other brave folks.

The event raised $21,249 though online and in-person fundraising efforts, and our silent auction at the event.

This year, 2013, marked the 11th year of holding Balding for Dollars and we passed a big milestone on Sunday: we are proud to say that Balding for Dollars here in Whistler has now raised over $204,000 – WAY TO GO WHISTLER!!!

Of course this event would never happen without the ongoing support of our sponsors who donate a variety of things to make it a success. To each of them we say a huge thank-you: Garibaldi Lift Co. (GLC), Blackcomb Barber Shop, Mountain FM, Whistler Question, Crystal Lodge and Suites, The Adventure Group, and Walsh Restoration.

We look forward to shaving a bunch more heads and raising tons of cash for kids with cancer again in spring 2014!

Wendy and Dave Clark

Founders, Whistler Friends Society

More 'bobble heads' needed

On the mountain I have gone out of my way to pay attention and analyze how people ski after having many near "hits" and reading about the skier collisions this year.

It's not just about speed or being out of control. I have noted that it seems that when people put on their helmets and lock into their bindings, they lock their heads into forward position. A helmet and goggles already limit your peripheral vision, but there seems to be an unconscious rudeness on the hill this year.

People do not understand the basic concept of the Skier's Responsibility Code, which says, "People ahead of you have the right of way. It is your responsibility to avoid them."

And this goes with: "Whenever starting downhill or merging into a trail, look uphill and yield to others."

The first point does not give the person below you the right to forget the second code before making a big unpredictable right or left turn across the run without bothering to look over their right or left shoulder first before executing such a severe move.

I tend to ski on the sides of the runs like Ego Bowl or Whiskey Jack to avoid the middle of the runs where it seems most beginner skiers are, and when going down a run making concentric medium radius turns I am always swivelling my head over my right or left shoulder to make sure some boarder or skier is not coming out of the trees, or over taking before extending my turns into a larger radius.

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