Letters to the editor for the week of August 22nd 

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WIC thanks

A campus-sized thanks to the Whistler community members who came out to the Whistler International Campus open house this past Saturday.

The site was alive and buzzing with people sharing excited conversation about the potential of Whistler International Campus.

Visitors explored the proposed site, got a look at the architectural vision for key campus locations and "future students" enjoyed the kid's activities.

Many locals shared their wish to see their children and grandchildren have the opportunity to pursue post-secondary education right here at home. We appreciate all of our visitors giving us their time and sharing in our vision. The support of the community is the fuel that keeps us moving the project forward.

Roger Zen
Whistler International Campus


Growing the library

On behalf of the Whistler Public Library Board of Trustees and staff of the Whistler Public Library, I would like to thank the American Friends of Whistler (AFOW) for granting the library funds to move forward with completing the physical portion of our year-long organizational restructuring.

Thanks to the generous gift from the AFOW, we will be able to create a service space that reflects all of the warmth, openness and positive energy that we strive for when fulfilling the needs of our patrons and the community.

Thank you to the American Friends for helping us to grow and give Whistler the very best!

Elizabeth Tracy
Whistler Library Director


We deserve better

Parks belong to us. We entrust this public legacy to government to manage on our behalf. Today BC Parks' $32 million operational budget is $10 million less than it was in 2000.

A comparison with neighbouring jurisdictions shows that B.C. ranks dead last in provincial parks funding.

Documents showed that 60 per cent of seasonal park ranger jobs have been terminated, reducing numbers from 144 seasonal rangers to just 87 combined with 12 full-time park rangers, this meant that in the busy summer months there were only 99 rangers left to patrol over 1,000 parks and protected areas (British Columbia's Provincial Parks, by the Wilderness Committee).

The B.C. government has argued that it doesn't have the money to increase the operations budget. But its important to note that between 2006 and 2010 the provincial government provided roughly one billion dollars in subsidies to oil and gas corporations — the richest corporations in the history of the world, hundreds of billions of dollars in profit. How is that possible?

Meanwhile the BC Liberals cut spending to lower income housing developments, hospitals, teachers, schools, fish and wildlife, and has the worst child poverty in Canada.

Harper Conservatives subsidize oil corporations in the billions of dollars. Harper cut funding to everything except oil and gas — to federal parks, Department of Fisheries, Kitsilano Coast Guard station. Harper also cut pensions, and benefits to returning soldiers fighting in Afghanistan. Taxpayers also paid $1.2 billion for a three-day G8 and G20 meeting.

Harper also admitted three billion dollars cannot be accounted for.

Would you want this person running your company?

Who does Harper work for anyway? He worked for an oil corporation before taking public office, so did his father.

Harper works for oil first and taxpayers second. He doesn't care what British Columbians think.

We deserve a better government than this.

Dave Bennett


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