Letters to the editor for the week of August 29th 

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Extraordinary Ironman

My wife, Dr. Jen Law, and I were participants in the recent Ironman event and had the privilege of cycling through your beautiful town and valley.

The support and encouragement from the volunteers and community was extraordinary and made the event particularly special.

However, special mention and thanks to "Rob" who gave me half his tuna salad sandwich at an aid station in the valley.

Frankly, I reckon that got me up those hills back to Whistler!

Thanks, Pemberton and thanks, Rob.

Dr. Bill Lancashire

Port Macquarie, NSW Australia

Can't wait until next year

Together we did it! By all accounts, Ironman Canada's first year in the Sea to Sky was a success and we have so many people to thank for it. Our deepest thanks go out to Pemberton and Whistler residents; our 2,600 volunteers from Sea to Sky and beyond; our 2,600 athletes; our local event and operations partners; and our thousands of enthusiastic, off-the-chart awesome spectators. 

Thank you to everyone, and we mean everyone, for your patience during race-day traffic interruptions and to the many people who jumped in and helped out wherever they saw we could use a hand.

The passion and generosity of the Pemberton and Whistler communities made a huge impression on our athletes. And none of them can stop talking about the beauty of this region — thanks for sharing it with us.

The first year of staging an Ironman event in any venue has its challenges, but with your tremendous help and support, Ironman Canada 2013 is already legend in Ironman circles. We can't wait to return for Ironman Canada 2014, on July 27, 2014. Many of you have offered great suggestions for next year and we welcome your feedback at canada@ironman.com.

Looking forward to Ironman Canada 2014 and sharing another stunning weekend with you.

Keats McGonigal, Evan Taylor, Donna Savage, Maureen Douglas

Ironman Canada 2013 Local Event Team

Wow and thank you

Whistler and Pemberton you pulled off an amazing Ironman race and helped fulfill the athletic dreams of 2,500 athletes!

The energy from the volunteers and spectators was incredible.

Thanks to Donna Savage for pulling together the best volunteer captains and their teams. They volunteered days before the event then started at 4 a.m. on Sunday and didn't finishing until after midnight. Some woke up the next morning to help out again! The volunteers welcomed us to Whistler, checked us in, wrote numbers on our legs, pulled off our wetsuits, guided us in and out of transition, cheered for us, fed us, supported us and then at the end caught us in their arms, placed medals around our chest and congratulated us.

You volunteers are the true champions on race day and we the athletes are grateful!

Thanks to the people of Pemberton for coming out and making each athlete's day a success and cheering on the streets encouraging us along.

Thank you to the Resort Municipality of Whistler for hosting and embracing such a great event.

And last, thank you to all of the people who helped support me and my fundraising efforts to reach my goal, who cheered me on, yelled out my name, wrote my name on a sign, passed me a water, powerade, coke, banana and ice — you all inspired me to keep on moving forward, dig a little deeper and to keep smiling!

You all made me feel so special to be a Whistler local!!

Christine Suter


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