Letters to the Editor for the week of August 2nd, 2012 

Hitting in the cleanup spot...

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I have followed with interest the asphalt plant saga over the last several months. It seems to me that this is an issue between neighbours and could have been settled long ago if there had have been a little more flexibility on the part of Mr. Silveri. He knows his neighbours don't like his plant operating nearby and he played hardball with them, going right to the Supreme Court of B.C. to got legal approval to operate where his plant sits.

It is my understanding that the plant is portable and that there is another location north of Whistler that is available to operate the plant. If I am not mistaken, the municipality was willing to assist with the costs of relocation. But with the court decision, Mr Silveri has hardened his stance and plans to operate at the present location.

Now the municipality has put a condition on the tendering process for asphalt used for Whistler that says it must come from outside of the Whistler boundary, which means that Whistler Aggregates does not qualify. Even though Whistler Aggregates has won the contract, the asphalt must come from their Squamish plant. Mayor Nancy Wilhelm Morden says this is acceptable business practice and prefers to purchase asphalt that's not manufactured next to a neighbourhood. Touche!

Did Mr Silveri not expect a little blowback from this community? He is naive if he didn't.A little advice to Mr Silveri about playing hardball: if you are going to pitch, you should learn how to catch.

Terry SpenceTapley's Farm

Is anybody keeping count?

I generally abhor this kind of sensationalist, attention grabbing kind of introduction. However, my several previous letters, thoughtfully articulating the issue and my reasoning have not resulted in any action. I am of course referring to the most recent serious, crossing-the-centerline, collision which took place north of Brandywine on July 19. Once again members of my immediate family were in the lineup and one must think of "there but for the grace of God" etc.

Since my last letter, at least three major accidents of this kind have taken place, all resulting in deaths or serious injuries. These can no longer be classified as accidents. They are as predictable as the rising of the sun. Those of us traveling this road frequently are surely in a lottery with no good possible outcome. I must repeat, no amount of care, enforcement or anything else will protect the innocent traveller from the intoxicated, the asleep or the inattentive who cross the centreline unexpectedly!

The one solution we know will work is median dividers. We also know that there are issues around these but there are also solutions. I submit, once again, that it is past time that we seriously consider and implement these solutions. Failing that, we can predict that, not long from now, I will again have to write some variation of this letter. Can we not do better?

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