Letters to the Editor for the week of Dec 22nd, 2011 

Community Centre alternatives needed

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I am writing ... on behalf of the Whistler Roller Girls Society to express our concern about the upcoming closure of the (Pemberton) Meadows Community Centre. As the ONLY facility north of Squamish which allows us to practice the impact of this closure is of prime importance to our goal of developing the sport in the area. Without a safe alternative venue we will be forced to suspend our operations until an outdoor venue becomes available. We are both disappointed and frustrated that the SLRD has not arranged an alternative prior to this closure thus ensuring a smooth transition for all the groups that call the Meadows Community Centre home. Thus we urge the SLRD to reconsider this closure until an adequate replacement is in place.

Bill Sirota

Coach, Whistler Roller Girls Society

A Big Thank You

On the evening of December 14th I was involved in a very scary car accident and I just want to send a BIG THANK YOU to the good people that stopped to help me and the driver of the other vehicle. And even though I do not know your names, I will never forget your faces and what you did. Thank you to the paramedics, fire and police crew. I am very lucky to live in such a fine community.

Paloma Astiazaran


Tunnel Vision Defined

It is somewhat appropriate, however infinitely more inappropriate, that GD got maxed out on the issue of sustainability and the role the Sliding Centre plays in that area only to be followed by perfect examples of success in Whistler Legacies Society's mandate.

I am referring, of course, to the recent gold medal finish in Luge in Calgary by Canada's Alex Gough. This was preceded by strong finishes the previous weekend here at the Whistler Sliding Centre by Canada's luge team in singles, doubles and the new team relay event. Sam Edney's fourth place finish was a personal best that can be directly attributed to the training and development opportunities that the Sliding Centre and Whistler Sports Legacies provides our Canadian athletes.

If you boil down the mission and goals identified on their website, the mandate of the Whistler Sports Legacies Society is to manage the venues of the 2010 Olympics in such a manner as to maintain their economic viability while providing the opportunity for Canadian athletes to develop and train for success in their chosen sport.

That is a big, over arching, not just about Whistler, or even B.C. statement. It speaks to our entire country. It relates to every individual citizen and the pride and joy they felt while we not only hosted the world and showcased the talent of our Canadian athletes.

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