Letters to the editor for the week of December 13th 

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In his letter of Dec. 6, 2012, Mr. Frank Silveri, president, Whistler Aggregates Ltd., refers to the providing of "Half-Truths" by those who oppose his asphalt operations in Cheakamus Crossing. Then he states that, "It is actually steam that is emitted" (from his asphalt plant). Well that's true, but only "half-true," because the plant also emits PAH's, hexane, phenol, polycyclic organic matter, formaldehyde and toluene.

Mr. Silveri also neglects to mention the diesel and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons dispersed by the constant flow of trucks to service his plant. Mr. Silveri also needs to Google "quarry dust" and its harmful effects on human health, especially the very young and the elderly.

Mr. Silveri wonders why he is being vilified, but he continues to deny even the basic, scientific facts of his operations.

As for the disclosure statements signed by the purchasers at Cheakamus Crossing, the WDC (Whistler Development Corporation) did not make full disclosure of the toxic fumes from the asphalt operations. In the document these fumes are referred to as "odours." That does not constitute full disclosure. Even in documents since brought to light, in closed meetings the developers were concerned about "toxins."

Buyers were led to believe that negotiations to relocate the plant away from the village would be successful ie: green town/green mayor.

The WDC, in the context of Olympic security, also did not permit site inspections during building of the community. Opportunity to see, hear, smell or experience the toxic irritations from the asphalt plant and quarry were not possible as purchasers were denied access to the site. On the two occasions that purchasers were permitted limited access to the site, these events were held on Sundays, the asphalt plant and the quarry were not in operation.

Many, in our view, would not have purchased their property if they could have experienced the toxic air and heard the constant background piercing noises. We wouldn't have! It's hell for us too.

As for the relocation, take any father, mother, husband, wife, uncle or friend to the operating asphalt plant and quarry and ask them if they would like to live a few hundred metres from the operation. We believe the answer would be "No."

So right or wrong in your mind, Mr. Silveri, negotiate a settlement with the RMOW/province. You'll trade Hell for Heaven for everyone. You'll be recognized as a continued success and be admired for doing the right thing. The province, the RMOW and the developer should have dealt with this long before the first home was built.

Dick Gervais


Editor's note — The asphalt plant works within emissions standards

Spearhead critical to heli-skiing operator

On Dec. 6, I saw a lot of long-time locals and familiar faces at the BC Parks Open House (on the Garibaldi Park Management Plan) and, as expected, there was a lot of passion in the room. For or against heli-skiing or mountain biking, it was interesting to hear from people, and see how much they care and advocate for their cause.

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