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WASP 's Executive Director, Chelsey Walker, and our Ski and Snowboard Program Manager, John Brown (WB), are also thanked for their assistance in this project.

We would also like to give a special thanks to Whistler Delta Suites for their continued support of our program and their kindness in allowing our workshops to be held gratis in their conference centre. The Delta staff was most gracious in attending to our every need.

Thanks also goes to the Abercrombie Foundation for its financial support of this invaluable training program for WASP'S instructors.

All of the above individuals and organizations have my greatest appreciation. Without your support this project would never have been possible.

Jennifer Erickson

Whistler Adaptive Sports Program

Volunteer and Member of the Board

No bus service at the end of the Rainbow

I have been living in Whistler since 2009 and I've always praised the Whistler Transit system except for in the winter!

This summer I moved to Rainbow and had no problems with the bus service all summer and fall. Then the new winter schedule came out on Dec. 13 and I was left wondering what happened to all the stops in Rainbow? I have two jobs, both in Creekside, and I take the bus seven days a week. Now, if I work at 7 a.m. I'll have to get up extra early and catch the 5:27 a.m. bus instead of the 6:02 I used to get or I'll have to walk to Alpine to catch the bus!

To me it seems like the spring to fall schedules were a lot more frequent then the new winter one and you'd think that it would be the other way around — seeing as that in the winter people aren't using as many different modes of transportation such as bikes, motorbikes, skateboards, etc. I just find the bus to be very inconvenient now and it makes me want to start looking at getting a car.

It doesn't stop at the lack of buses that come to Rainbow either! The buses are always over crowded, full (just drive right past you), late, or don't show up at all! I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one out there with issues concerning the winter schedule.  

Please address these issues to the best of your abilities or you will lose a commuter and gain another polluting vehicle on the roads of Whistler.

Shain EmpeyWhistler

Upper Lillooet power project

A 72-kilometre power line, (where none now exists) and a 69-metre, by 23-metre concrete powerhouse on the left bank of the Lillooet River, not to mention the miles of pipes, roads, clear cuts etc, will most certainly have significant impact both visually and ecologically.

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