Letters to the Editor for the week of Feb 9th, 2012 

Ways to give

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As Whistler Community Services Society's (WCSS) Re-Use-It Centre continues to work towards providing support for programs like the Food Bank and Outreach Services, we're taking some time to broaden our fund-raising initiatives. There are plenty of ways to support your Whistler community, keeping it strong, happy and healthy.

1) Donate — The Re-Use-It Centre: we currently have a huge need of everything from house wares to clothing, sports equipment, shoes, movies, electronics. The Re-Build-It Centre will happily take used furniture in good condition and larger appliances in working order. Are you a local business? Ask for a tax receipt for new or lightly damaged items donated.

2) Recycle: The Re-Use-It Centre is now home to three different recycling programs: Return-It, for computers and TVs, stereo and computer equipment, Unplugged, for house-hold electronics such as microwaves, hairdryers, blenders and toasters, and our newest initiative, a can and bottle collection. Local users of the waste facility at Function Junction (on site for the store) will have noticed the addition of two new bins, put together by Regional Recycling, for bottle collection. This exciting new recycling program enables The Re-Use-It Centre to collect the bottles and convert them into funds to support WCSS.

3) Volunteer: The Re-Use-It Centre is happy to involve you, the community, in the day-to-day life of our awesome store. Lend a hand for a few hours a week to make a visible difference to the store and to our community. Every hour you give is rewarded, and you get to meet our great team as well as be a part of WCSS's greatest fund-raising program.

4) Shop: Shopping thrift is always an adventure, but The Re-Use-It Centre is a unique thrift store in that all the funds raised stay local, to help people you know and love.

5) We were voted "Best Place for a Deal," in 2011 in Pique... and who doesn't love a deal in this town?

Thank you for your ongoing support! We couldn't do all the amazing things we do in the community without your help. Here's looking forward to another year of sustainable living, good karma and showing a little love for your Whistler community!

Helen Taylor

Re-Use-It Centre

I knew it was love when...

Buying lottery tickets in our household does not happen very often, especially if my husband Doug has his way. He does not believe spending money on lottery tickets is a good investment. Doug is a sensible guy.

However, one Saturday, Doug and I were walking through a shopping mall in Vancouver. My eyes suddenly caught a lotto kiosk sign: Jackpot 649 $$$$$$$$$$. Forgetting about Doug and his skepticism, I wandered over, wallet in hand, ready to ask for my lucky quick-pick ticket. I joined the line as any well-mannered lady would, and looked back at my husband, watching his facial expression change from, "I don't really want to be in the mall," to "oh no, she is buying lottery tickets."

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