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I appreciate that heli-skiers and sledders have a right to enjoy the mountains too, and many people from these groups have worked hard to establish tenures and dedicated areas.

I would be happy to share a few runs with heli skiers, but when Whistler Heli-Skiing shredded one of the few north facing bowls all day long, it was a bit much. Helicopters have hundreds of square miles to choose from. An experienced heli-ski guide should have been able to find other north-facing options on a low-risk day. Likewise, snowmobilers can rapidly access many valleys in an afternoon There is no need to encroach on non-motorized terrain.

So to all you heli-guides and sledders out there, when you see a touring group maybe consider that a few extra minutes of travel in your machines might just give them some well-deserved breathing space, at little cost to you.

Lorne Craig


Not agonizing

I'm going to be very blunt about this. I read the feature about the closure of Katmandu (Pique Jan. 31) and there was a paragraph where the owner talks about the state of customers. One customer in particular; the guy who came in for badge glue, "agonized over the decision for half an hour and then left to buy it online."

That was me and that was not how the story went. I entered the store, looked around and asked if they sold fabric and material glue, so I could glue a badge onto my Gore-Tex Jacket.

The man behind the till handed me some Seam Sure (for tents) and told me it would work. At no point did he dispel any doubts in my mind whilst I was reading the packet — instead he glowered at me. I've used Seam Sure for its intended purpose, and my own opinion was that buying the stuff would be a waste of time, and potentially leave a mess on my jacket, but not hold the badge properly. I informed him that I felt safer buying a product I knew and had used before online, and left.

There was no "agonizing" over the decision, there was no half an hour wait, and I certainly did not feel "safer" buying online. There simply wasn't the product I wanted in his store.

I've worked in an outdoor retail store that was closing down, and believe me it wasn't pleasant, and yes, sometimes we moan about customers who don't take our word for it, but in this case he had no right to moan to the entire population of Whistler that I was a timewaster.


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