Letters to the Editor for the week of January 30 

click to enlarge PHOTO COURTESY OF WHISTLER BLACKCOMB - At left, Miriam Macdonald, Whistler Blackcomb Director Product Service and Sales, and at right, Sarah McCullough, Director Community and Government Relations. Firefighters left to right are: Ross Swinton, Dane Cozens and Cormac O'Brien.
  • Photo courtesy of Whistler Blackcomb
  • At left, Miriam Macdonald, Whistler Blackcomb Director Product Service and Sales, and at right, Sarah McCullough, Director Community and Government Relations. Firefighters left to right are: Ross Swinton, Dane Cozens and Cormac O'Brien.

Supporting those fighting the Australian bushfires

At Whistler Blackcomb, we've been closely monitoring the Australian bushfires and looking for ways we can help.

Vail Resorts and the Epic Promise Foundation has provided disaster relief grants to our colleagues at our three resorts in Australia.

On Jan. 12, our team at the GLC hosted a Whistler Helps Australia event to raise funds to support relief efforts. Given our connection to Australia through our employees and guests, Australia Day seemed like another perfect opportunity to raise funds.

We partnered with the Whistler Fire Rescue Service and on behalf of Whistler Blackcomb, I want to thank them for assisting us with fundraising at Skier's Plaza on Sunday, Jan 26. Together, we raised $1,766 to support the Australian Fire Services and Australian Red Cross.

We appreciate all of the generous donations, including currency from the U.S., Australia and European Union!

A big thanks from all of us at Whistler Blackcomb to our guests and our community for making the day a success!

Sarah McCullough // Director, Community and Government Relations, Whistler Blackcomb

Drivers need to be responsible

I just read your article on ICBC and you are right (Pique, "Car insurance culprits," Jan 23).

Insurance companies have only so much money to spend—the premiums we pay.

In regards to winter tires, beyond the Lower Mainland, winter tires are mandatory for the winter months. Making it mandatory in the Lower Mainland, where we normally do not see much snow or ice on the roads, could be an expensive venture for some people.

What would happen if ICBC just passed a ruling that if you are driving with regular tires and get into an accident in the snow or icy roads, then their insurance would be null and void?

People need to take responsibility for themselves.

If people speed, then no insurance. They could make people more responsible for their own actions. That would help with the bottom line.

Arthur Weinstein // Whistler 

Actions needed now

I was prompted to write to Vail Resorts and Whistler's municipality after reading the Letter to the Editor Randi Kruse wrote to Pique Newsmagazine (Jan. 23 issue) urging readers to demand better efforts by Whistler Blackcomb/Vail Resorts and Whistler's municipality in our waste management, and to make the sometimes-hard choices by offerIng ethical and sustainable food services, shopping and transport choices for visitors and locals.

We can and we must do better. 

We need to realize our special position as a resort where we can reach millions of people every year and show them we are trying to make a difference in a big way.

In reference to another Letter to the Editor in the same Jan. 23 issue of Pique from Ken Achenbach—perhaps some of Ken's proposed Climate Emergency Tax (CET) could be used to make our buses free for all visitors and locals alike.

In addition to hugely reducing local traffic, I imagine our amazing young people, who contribute in a massive way to make this resort work, would love the extra $50 a month a bus pass costs to stay in their pockets.

Thanks for all the efforts you as our corporate and municipal leaders are making, and please know that most people want more proven effective local actions on this climate emergency now!

Angela Mellor // Whistler

Martin Luther Who?

I heard several stories this week about Edge Card holders who drove up to Whistler on the morning of Saturday, Jan. 18 to ski for the day.

Due to the poor weather and high volumes, they endured a very tedious and tricky three-hour drive on the Sea to Sky highway. They then had to wait in line for [more than] 30 minutes due to the incessant problems the mountain is having with painfully long and intolerable lift lines.

After surviving all of this and finally getting to the RFID gate, these loyal pass-holders were declined access to the hill and told to purchase a day-pass at full price (or go home!).

Apparently, Vail Resorts includes Martin Luther King (MLK) Day with Christmas break and the Family Day weekend as a "holiday" during which access is restricted.

I am a season's pass holder (so this didn't directly affect me); I am also (obviously) a great admirer of MLK. However, I find it totally unreasonable and insensitive of Vail Resorts to expect local Canadian residents to know when this holiday falls (at least email a notice to these pass-holders) or, for that matter, to restrict access to the mountain on this day.

For Canadians, this is just a normal weekend for skiing. Imposing this restriction is just another example of the Americanization of our beloved Whistler Blackcomb and further proof that Vail Resorts is out of touch with the local community and Canadian customs.

Fail Vail.

Ben Cherniavsky // Vancouver

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