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Bus parking needs revision

I notice that the "no parking" signs have been replaced along Blackcomb Way with signs that read "Bus Parking Only — Violators will be Towed."

This was done without any consultation with the owners of Montebello Phase I, which is adjacent to the new bus parking area. The signs have now been replaced with "Bus Parking Only 8:00am to 8:00pm — Violators will be towed."

This is wrong on several levels as:

• Montebello Phase I is a residential zone (RM22). Now the residents have to deal with the noise and diesel fumes from the buses as well as blocked views. (Owners have had to ask buses to turn off their engines.) Buses use back-up beepers, which is very nerve jarring;

• According to the signage, buses can park in this area from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and any vehicle can park there from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. the following day. The traffic along Blackcomb Way has become much heavier in the last couple of years and we are not prepared to accept the additional nuisance from buses;

• Absolutely no discussion was held (as common courtesy) with the owners of Montebello I. A few leaflets were stuffed in some of the doors of our strata, which was the extent of the "consultation process;"

• The shoulder where bus parking is allowed is gravel and movement of buses on this surface stirs up dust, which can drift onto our residential property;

• Garbage such as empty beverage containers, food wrappers (bear attractants?) and cigarette butts are now building up along the shoulder;

• I personally witnessed a live cigarette butt being flicked out of the open door of a bus. There is a serious fire hazard due to the dry grass along the berm;

• And buses are making U-turns at the entrance to Montebello, which is a traffic hazard to vehicles on Blackcomb Way, as well as Montebello residents entering and leaving the property. Also, people biking or walking on the Valley Trail are at risk.

I strongly request that the Resort Municipality of Whistler put back the "no parking" signs and move the buses back to one of the parking lots, or other designated areas, more suitable for large coaches.

Robert Cessford


Action needed on new bus parking

I live in Montebello Phase 1, a development that has been profoundly, negatively affected by the recent actions of the mayor and council in their quest for ever more parking revenue, specifically regarding bus parking. 

This has to be one of the most ill-thought-through proposals ever. Just which elected official thinks it is OK to set up a bus parking lot just metres from a residential area? 

Absolutely no discussion was held with the owners — not acceptable at all. This is wrong on many levels as:

• Montebello Phase I through to White Gold is a residential zone (RM22). Now the residents have to deal with the noise and diesel fumes from the buses, as well as blocked views;

• According to the signage, buses can park in this area 24/7 and could be arriving or departing any time of the day or night causing noise and light disturbance to the residents. The traffic along Blackcomb Way has become much heavier in the last couple of years and now we have this additional nuisance from buses;

• The shoulder where bus parking is allowed is gravel and movement of buses on this surface stirs up dust... as well as being very noisy at all hours;

• and I have noted groups of bus drivers, who clearly have much time to kill, gathering and chatting for hours at a time — a surprising number smoke, leaving cigarette smell and butts along the way.

I strongly object to them being able to smoke so close to my house. If I sit on my patio, the smell wafts right next to my house, to say nothing of the potential fire threat.

And just how is snow clearing to happen in the winter?

I strongly request that the Resort Municipality of Whistler put back the "no parking" signs and move the buses back to one of the parking lots where they belong.

I note that Base 2 lots are practically empty whenever I go by.

This is totally unacceptable (for the RMOW) to treat the residents as (it has) and this needs to be changed now or I will be one to add my voice to the many unhappy residents at election time.

Lynn and James Hill


Let's consider the trees

Why do developers have this insane idea to rip out all the mature trees in a development, lay it bare, and then feebly attempt to plant the same type of trees in their place? It never works. Driving past the new welcome area of the Village Gate Boulevard daily (never mind the clearcut that Rainbow was and still mostly is when looking at the area from a distance) shows me that the few pathetic trees, many dried out to a burnt amber hue, are obviously just waiting to be torn out and themselves replaced. Why don't we make a mandate that insists that developers work around the existing viable trees instead of yanking them all out only to replace them with others?

And why pave the whole area of the welcome area, minus this handful of dying trees? Doesn't seem very welcoming at all, but I am sure a few ubiquitous planter boxes filled with pretty annuals with make up the loss. 

Sarah ValentineWhistler

Whistler's joie de vivre

I have been visiting Whistler now since the early 1970s, first as a very young skier and regular passholder, and later as a four-seasons visitor as this destination resort grew in size.

I am also one of four children of parents who owned a chalet in Whistler from 1972 to 1994.

We have all been regular visitors throughout many years and we have always enjoyed sharing this place with all that visited from across the globe.

More recently, I spent a couple years living and working in Whistler just after the 2010 Winter Olympics, and now once again as a regular working visitor within the transportation industry.

I have noticed over the years that the once abundant joie de vivre has dissipated in the many that work here, and even, it seems, in those just visiting.

I am not sure why or how that has happened. Is it the advance of social media technology that is breaking down our human interactive communications and connectivity? The frantic increase in the pace of life in general with too much work and no play? Is it the incredible high cost of living in Whistler and the low payment for work that is performed? Is it a lack of suitable housing for a quality of life we should insist is present for those serving our visitors from both near and far?

After all, how can we really expect working people to be happy living like sardines in a can when so many chalets and mansions sit empty for most of the year in Whistler?

Have the changes made by our federal government regarding foreign workers impacted the friendly spirit that was constant in the once wave after wave of new seasonal workers from abroad?

It is probably a combination of all the above, but one thing I know is top of mind for many who live and work here in Whistler is the housing and rental availability and affordability crisis!

I have never seen Pique filled with so many advertisements for positions so late in the summer — a warning and a red flag if ever I have seen one!

Those positions not filled, mean that others currently working here have to fill the gap or the quality of service will simply fall off the cliff.

The Resort Municipality of Whistler, hotel owners and the new owners of Whistler Blackcomb should have these concerns top of mind, for without the happy-at-heart employees, that are often both visitor and worker, this destination resort may well lose its appeal to the many visitors and workers who are often the front- and mid-line of many Whistler establishments.

The white magic that has been a long and unique aspect of living in the bubble will remain for now, but the sharing in the joie de vivre of life in Whistler is what is at risk of being lost.

Brian Wolfgang Becker

North Vancouver

Celebration of life thanks

We would like to extend an enormous thank you to the amazing people of our community who came out and sent messages to pay tribute, and join us saying a fond farewell to Andrée Vajda Janyk.

We would also like to thank the Fairmont Chateau Whistler, the Resort Municipality of Whistler, the Whistler Youth Soccer Club and the Whistler Mountain Ski Club for their support with hosting a beautiful and fitting celebration of Andrée's life.

Bill, Britt, Michael and Stephanie Janyk, and family

Nesters, a great community partner

The Mature Action Community of Whistler held a successful, and well attended barbecue and picnic at Our Lady of the Mountains Catholic Church recently.

Even though we picked the only day it rained in the last month to have it, a good time was had by all!

We want to thank Nesters for once again supporting this annual event by donating the chicken for the barbecue. With the support of Nesters we were able to put the event on at no cost to our members.

We greatly appreciate the support Nesters provides to this community and particularly to the Mature Action Community Society.  

Stacey Murl

President, Whistler Mature Action Community


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