Letters to the editor for the week of November 14th 

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Good Karma?

On Thursday, Nov. 7, you took my wife's new snow tires on rims, which I had just painfully finished installing all of the studs on.

I live in Tapley's Farm and being the trusting family neighbourhod that we have always been for the past 33 years, I left them leaning up against my garage door so that I could install them on my wife's car when she got home. I got home after work that night in the dark and they were gone. The first feeling that came to mind was of feeling incredibly violated.

For good Karma, swing by and just dump them in my driveway, no questions asked. Or better yet, just leave them somewhere safe and call my cell (604-966-1094) from a payphone and leave me a message where I can go and pick them up.

Good Karma or bad Karma? The choice is yours.

Anton Horvath


Sensible BC?

A few weeks ago I read a piece about Sensible BC and that Hempire was organizing a signing station at Black's Pub. I went there to add my name to the list of those seeking a referendum, and was truly disappointed by the number of people who didn't show up.

I want your readers to understand the importance and implications of this petition to inevitably legalize simple possession of cannabis. These signatures that canvassers are collecting are not only for those who are for this amendment to the Policing Act, but also for those who are opposed.

We live in a democracy, which is based on the population having open discussion/debate, and the opportunity to express views through referendums such as this. It allows the entire population of B.C. to put this to a vote. Who knows, the "Nays" might outweigh the "Yeas," so let's see.

If you're still opposed to allowing this democratic process to move forward because your morals suggest that legalization would be harmful to society, I say that by not at least signing, you're actually saying that it's OK for black-market enterprises to target innocent children.

By having the government involved and regulating this billion-dollar industry, much the same as alcohol and tobacco (both of which are much worse than marijuana) our children will be educated about the uses/abuses and deterred because acquiring it will be much more difficult. Sensible?

For those who are God fearing think about this: God created hemp in all its forms for our consumption, not to be prohibited. Not only for medical or social purposes, but for all its other uses.

In closing, I implore every citizen and registered voter in the Sea to Sky and B.C. to sign this petition whether you're for it or against it. Let's see what all citizens of B.C. want. A petition is available to sign at Hempire, which is located next to Garfinkel's in Village North.

Steve Brooks


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