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Sliding sports celebrate sliding

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As the Canadian Air Regulations now stand, if there is a life or death situation my decision, as a pilot, while flying a single engine helicopter is simple: fly to the Municipal Heliport north of Emerald. However I would not feel good about it from an ethical standpoint. There seems something wrong with over flying a heliport at which we have landed at for more than a decade safely, cutting in to the critical golden hour and potentially costing someone their life.

Does someone have to die before people feel the same way I do about this? Modifications can be made to the existing heliport to make it accessible for single engine helicopters. The approach paths down Blackcomb Way (Fitz Creek) and over Lots 4, 5 need to be cleared in order to meet the CAR's requirements for single engine utilization. The municipality needs to know from the citizens of Whistler that this is important!

Andrew Murdock


Xavier Rudd ticket price

I was taken aback when I read how much the ticket prices were for Xavier Rudd's latest concert at the GLC (Pique Nov.8, 2012 pg.76).

I will admit I enjoy Xavier's music, and I know with the substantial Australian population that resides here in Whistler, it is safe to say there are quite a few diehard fans. So when I found out the price of admission was $45 I was very disappointed.

Whistler is a place that I know Xavier holds very close to his heart. Having recorded a number of albums in Canada and having been married to a Canadian I thought he would understand the culture of Whistler a little better and how living on minimal wage in a tourist-inflated economy can be difficult.

In years gone by he has played a number of gigs in Whistler ranging from free to 20-odd dollars. Now, I do realize that his manager and the promotional company would have a significant say into ticket prices and venues, but how can you charge the same amount to see him at the Commodore in Vancouver, which is probably Vancouver's best live music venue — not taking anything away from the GLC and its ability to transform itself into a live concert venue?

To put it into perspective, Hilltop Hoods are arguably Australia's number one hip hop band for the last 10 years and they have played here in Whistler on a number of occasions charging no more than $25. I would have liked to have seen Xavier have a say into the ticket prices and have requested a discounted price. I heard the concert was unreal and I am sure the people who went got their money's worth tenfold, I just hope those diehard fans are not short on rent this month.

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