Letters to the editor for the week of November 22nd 

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The movement past the initial cap was done for good political reasons, and this is a richer community because it was done. The adding of another group to our mountain pass may just well be an increase in our ecological footprint that we should avoid. Council needs to commission an up-to-date study on the probable impact of: another increase in the actual cap, on becoming a college town on a mountain pass, and on how a Whistler U might just make it harder to get better at what we do best.

 Alan G Whitney

Past board member of AWARE and a past chairman of the FWAC of the municipality

Dress to Impress

There once was a time that I came to Whistler, looking for a job and would spend hours in the morning making sure I looked like I wanted to work here... wanted to be here... I only want to succeed here.

I would spend hours making sure my resume was up to standard, make my roommates read it and re-read it. I didn't want anything to look a mess.

Working and living in Whistler now, I now know when to expect all the eager new arrivals asking the same general question, "Are you hiring?" Everywhere is hiring! The question is, would we hire you when your first impression on us looks like you just rolled in from the club last night.

Guess what? Coming into any establishment, with your skinny jeans and touques/beenies will only get you one answer — take a look around where you're hoping to get hired and see if you'll fit what we're looking for. It's just that easy! It makes me wonder if they've gone anywhere else in the village and maybe missed the memo — even though you're outside, doesn't mean that carries on inside to your potential future job. Anyone can apply for a job and more importantly, if you have the qualifications — you're hired, welcome to the team! But the problem is, everyone is applying for a job, everyone has qualifications. Give us something to remember you by so you're not just another newbie looking for anything that pays. Just the other day a gentleman came to our front desk and, in all sincerity, had dreadlocks, was wearing ripped jeans and wore a hoodie that was brighter than anything I've ever seen at 80s night. Where do you expect to get a job if you're not dressing to look like you actually want one? If you define your desires by the way that you present yourself, your intentions come across as a joke. Unfortunately, this wasn't the first specimen to come along looking like that either — lose the ratty scarves and wrinkled t-shirts! What are you thinking!?

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