Letters to the editor for the week of November 22nd 

Sliding sports celebrate sliding

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My advice to all you new, eager Whistler-ites... Dress to impress! Leave us with a genuine impression not with a laugh.

Catarina Baksina


Thanks to First Nations

G.D. Maxwell wrote last week in his column ("Maxed Out," Pique Nov.15, 2102) — one that I hardly ever read — that First Nations are not happy with Whistler's Official Community Plan and that nothing short of everyone who is non status thanking them for the use of their land would satisfy them.Here go my thanks. First Nations of B.C., of Canada and also of the rest of North America: thank you for preserving this beautiful land for millennia in harmony and sustainability with nature, so that we, so called cultured "white people" could come in hoards across the ocean, pollute the land, cut down trees, plow up the steppes, kill all the buffalo, build pipelines, highways, open mines and oil sands pits, poison rivers and fish so that we, the late-comers, can now live in great comfort while some of you live on some reservations in conditions not fit for a third world country.Thank you for mostly stoically and peacefully bearing cultural genocide, racism by the white population, desecrations of your burying grounds, racist handling by different Canadian police forces, government sanctioned police shootings of unarmed protesters (Dudley George, Ontario), stoning of cars with your women and children fleeing a reservation at the time of Oka crisis and all other symbols of our culture. Thank you for not getting too upset when white man cheated you with trinkets for your land or ensured that you did not disrupt the Olympic Games in Whistler by giving you back a tiny piece of your own land on which he now does not allow you to build what you want. Thank you especially with your OCP law suit for still having some faith into the white-man's legal system that was imposed on you and which has cheated you so often.I am thankful that you can forgive us when we, and I especially mean we here in Whistler, are so busy fighting for ecology, women rights, gay rights, kids rights and democracy in other countries that we forget to fight for your rights.And lastly I am thanking you for forgiving our mayor and our council for their monumental failure to reach an agreement with you on OCP for they do not know what they are doing. They think they cannot, but actually they will not.

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