Letters to the editor for the week of November 7th 

Thoughts from Afghanistan

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Thoughts from Afghanistan

I think the letter below from our coordinator in Kabul is fitting for our reflections on November 11. For security reasons the coordinator is best left nameless — submitted by Keith Reynolds of Playground Builders. 

(Why is there cruelty) from everywhere to Afghanistan, why? We are also human, we also have hearts, we also have feelings, and we also have rights. We wish peace, we want happiness, we want stability, we want to have freedom, we want to be friendly with friends. We want to welcome our guests and be so hospitable for them — this is our culture and this is our Islam. But why do people not let us be so and to do so?

Taliban kills us, Russian kills us, Pakistan kills us, Iran kills us and even American troops kill us. Why?

We cannot live freely, we cannot wander freely, we cannot love, we cannot want something, and we cannot wish something. Why? Our children cannot go to schools freely, no one is (sure) that their children, their father, their mother, their brothers, their sisters and their others will come back from their schools from their work or from market alive or safely.

There is a (scarcity)... there is instability, there is no satisfaction, and there is no freedom. There is always (fear) of explosion, kidnapping, killing, bombardment and harassments. Why?

We are human. We need freedom, we need love, we want friendship, and we want to live. Our children want to be happy, be free, be healthy, and be normal.

I am thankful to the world community, but they are also not so honest to the people of Afghanistan. They all are playing just games. But I am so proud and thankful to Canadians and Indians. They always have been honest to Afghanistan. They always help us without any their own interest. For example, Playground Builders of Canada always spread the happiness among the children and people of Afghanistan. The people and communities always thank these humanitarian efforts. We accept that world community has helped us a lot, but... with force and by military actions, which killed thousands and thousands and at the result is still no peace, no stability and no women empowerment and no children's happiness.

But with the special projects of Playground Builders of Canada, they have spread much, much happiness among the children and among the people.

Why I am writing this email with so (much passion)? Because last week when we were smoothening the ground for the football ground at school...the (parent) committee came to the school and thanked me a lot.

To be honest, the Mulla Imam wept and thanked me a lot (because) we are the only people who are going to bring happiness to the children, to the girls and to the people. I also became so impressed. These are the feelings of our Mulla.

There is no terrorism in our Islam, there is no terrorism in our culture, there is no terrorisms in the people of Afghanistan. Taliban are not Muslims. They kill us too, they kill our children, they prevent us from happiness, they prevent us from living and they prevent us from work.



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