Letters to the Editor for the week of October 11 

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Thoughts on voting in the 2018 election

I believe there are one, maybe two spots left for any of the newcomers on the next council and we will see a voter turnout in the 2,400 to 2,800 range.

My recommendations are the following:

• Cast your votes strategically—vote for only the candidates that you want to get in.

• A vote for someone who is not your candidate is a vote against your candidate.

• Vote for someone who has a proven track record for holding council's and senior staff's feet to the fire, and vote for someone who is in the game for the long haul to make a difference where getting on council would be a great learning experience for the next term.

• Look for someone who can fight for what they believe in and has the stamina to do so over four years—perhaps all by themselves.

• Look for someone that has the fighting spirit, but at the same time can collaborate with other members of the council and can persuade them to vote positively.

• Look for someone who has a track record for helping those who need the most help in our community.

• Look for someone who will support the initiatives of the Whistler Community Services Society.

• Look for someone who has made wildfire mitigation a top priority.

• Look for someone who is willing to open up the discussion with Victoria about the criteria used in spending Resort Municipality Initiative funds—and strongly believes more funds need to be allocated to local artists, WORCA and community-driven events instead of corporate events like the Ironman.

• Look for someone who has an environmental track record and understands that travel to the resort by our guests is the single biggest source of our emissions by a factor of nine.

• Look for someone who has a clear understanding that Vail Resorts' externalization of costs on the community in areas of wildfire mitigation, housing, and emissions is a significant problem—and that Vail Resorts is the elephant in the room, which has captured our public institutions in the name of bottom-line profit.

• Look for someone who understands the complex issue of growth and has well-thought-out solutions.

• Look for someone who is willing to have a dialogue with First Nations about reconciliation with transportation solutions, forestry practices that include fire breaks, but limit the old-growth cut to firebreaks, and remuneration that doesn't include more land development.

• Look for someone who believes in an open, transparent, and accountable government and who has read and supports Councillor Sue Maxwell's recommendations contained in her Better Democracy Report to the community. https://betterdemocracywhistler.wordpress.com/

• Look for someone who is willing to open up the discussion around pay parking and is willing to renegotiate the Day Lot Parking Agreement with Vail Resorts.

• Look for someone who has a clear understanding of the role developers have played in influencing council and staff.

In conclusion—if you don't know much about these topics—if you don't know where a candidate stands on these issues— if you don't have the time or inclination to find the answers— then don't vote!

Stuart Munro

Canada Post sends incorrect codes

Just thought I'd let everyone know that Canada Post sent me, at least, the wrong new postal code.The postal code sent to me was V8E 1L7. However, according to Canada Post's website, which I'm going to trust on this one, this postal code corresponds to Spruce Grove. I don't live in Spruce Grove.

So I looked up my address and found a different postal code, which is also what my online services are autofilling as correct.

(Please insert Captain Picard FACEPALM.gif here.)

Given that Canada Post has been sending me mail addressed to another house with the same number for some 10 years now—despite various notes scribbled on letters to the Postmaster, etc., etc.—I should not be all that surprised.

tobias c. van Veen

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