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Richard Ellott (1970-2001)

The family of Richard Ellott would like to thank all those who attended his Memorial Service in Pemberton on Monday evening August 20 th , and to all those who sent flowers, poems, songs, letters, and cards of sympathy. We were overwhelmed by the support from friends in Whistler and Pemberton as well as those who travelled from around B.C. and even from as far away as Ontario.

Thanks to all of you, the occasion beautifully captured the essence of Richard's life and the spirit of what he believed in. We were deeply moved by the genuine show of love for Richard and we will forever take great comfort from the fact that he touched so many lives with his gentleness and kindness.

We would especially like to thank all his close friends who set up such beautiful memorials for him, both at the roadside and at his cabin, and who tended them so lovingly; also to those who helped all week to prepare his cabin and grounds for the service on Monday.

Finally, without the compassion and understanding of our own dear friends from Vancouver, our journey would have been made very much harder. To them and to our family, we say a heartfelt thanks.

'As an eagle takes flight, and is borne above the clouds, so too must I spread my wings, and embrace the power of the wind beneath me .' (Richard Ellott, 1999).

Norman and Gloria Ellott and family

I have just found out that a friend of mine named Richard passed away in a car accident in Whistler. I did not necessarily spend a lot of time with Richard, but he was extremely dear to me because within the first half hour of knowing me, he wrote me something. He wrote to me at the Brewhouse and ripped off the piece of paper out of his notebook and handed it to me. I cherish this piece of paper and even have it taped to my wall.

For anyone who knew Richard and even anyone who did not, I think he would have wanted people to read his message.

Richard wrote:

It's been a really long life so far, and I've been through so much. I've thought about almost everything and tried to work everything out. I've always known the answers to the questions I asked, which were – "Are you real? Are you true? Will you fall or will you fly, will you lie down and die, or will you shine?" Because I've found out that the world will do as it will do, and people will be as they will be – and good or bad, life is sweeter if you're real, it's all about learning how to feel. Life is so short and it will be gone before you breathe. Soul mates exist if you believe the world is as beautiful as you wish it to be. By feeling, you'll be free. — Richard, November 13th,1999.

Jenny Smith


B.C.’s "head in the sand" attitude toward global environmental concerns continues to weaken and diminish our stature and respect worldwide. From clear cutting to "old boy" attitudes on wildlife control, we demonstrate callous regard to our natural resources.

It is time for the majority of this province to stand up and demand our government move to a more progressive and morally acceptable policy on the environment and wildlife. The grizzly hunt, clearcutting, destruction of "problem" bears… these actions are all grossly out of step with a civilized society. Let’s step up and stop these archaic red-neck‚ policies.

Steve Earl


Re: First class pensions threatened

In response to the letter written by Carol Slater last week, as owners of one of the Inns that she refers to in the article, we would first of all like to mention that we do very much appreciate the concern that she has taken in what continues to be a source of frustration for many of us in the accommodation sector.

However, we feel the need to set the record straight on a few of the comments made. First of all, our Inn is not currently on the market for sale and none of the properties mentioned in the article displays a For Sale sign although they may be on the market for sale.

We would also like to mention that our understanding is that each and every Inn owner has a specific personal reason for deciding to put their property on the market and this is in no way tax related.

As Carol rightly mentions we are all owners of reputable and long-standing residences and we hope that any potential purchaser will be able to benefit from the many other advantages of owning establishments such as ours, which are both rewarding and satisfying and far outweigh any disadvantages.

Erwin and Lisa Huber

Owners, Chalet Luise Inn

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