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Whenever an individual or an organization such as WORCA allows for a new trail where none previously existed they take on the risks that:

1. The environment will suffer damage, and the steeper the trail the greater the damage.

2. The riders will have to numb themselves to the fact that they are actively involved in the destruction of the area.

3. The rider who is in other ways conscientious about his or her environmental ethics becomes compromised.

4. The rider who has yet to examine their impacts on the earth is led to believe that this is all OK.

5. Finally, there are non-environmentalists out there who love to see us screw up, as it gives them the excuse to continue with more of their own destructive behaviours.

These are not insignificant risks.

At the very least, we all need to understand that just because we have boots, a bike, an ATV, or an off-road motorcycle, and want more pleasure, does not mean we have a license to either develop a trail, or to wantonly destroy an area. Please, if you think we need yet another trail, take it up with several involved groups in the community. Start with the bike and mountain clubs, and get a real discussion going. Make sure someone speaks for the forest. Then take it to other interested groups. Parks and Recreation might like a word on it, and so might the Forest and Wildlands Advisory Committee. A trail developed without this kind of due process is more likely to be a problem trail. What is happening right now is unsupportable, unsustainable, and rapacious of the environment.

Al Whitney

Whistler resident since 1987, Whistler skier since 1965, rider, hiker, and trail runner. Current member of the Forest and Wildlands Advisory Committee

Sunday, Aug. 26th, was an awesome day for the seventh annual WAG Dog Wash. After a week of autumn like conditions we were graced with a bluebird day in which we washed over 90 dogs in six hours.

This year's event was the most successful Dog Wash to date. We were very pleased to see many faces from past events and we were delighted at the number of tourist dogs in attendance. The Dog Wash also turned out to be a great place to have an impromptu WAG Alumni reunion. I would like to thank the following sponsors whose generous support made all of this possible.

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