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Hear! Hear! To Andrew Mitchell’s brief on shooting the messenger, regarding the paltry coverage Canadian athletes receive between the "all important" Olympic quadrennials. As I lay in bed this morning this morning listening to CBC radio I was really hoping to hear the World Cup results from yesterdays aerial skiing competition in Mount Buller, Australia. I knew the results, as I work for the Canadian Freestyle Ski Team, as their strength coach. Our guys were second, third and fourth respectively, and one of our gals was fourth. A good day at the office for Canadian athletes.

To my dismay, I heard nothing of our athletes this morning on CBC Radio; instead I heard about how Venus Williams beat her sister yet again at the US Open, along with multiple golf tidbits (Poor Tiger at 3 under par. His yearly salary would suffice to develop Canadian Freestyle athletes for the next 10 years.)

I also work for the Canadian Snowboard Federation, our riders are currently competing in Chile, I have neither heard nor read not one result from these events either. We had men and women on the podium for the Continental Cup last week, and the World Cup wraps up tomorrow.

I appreciate the demand and the press that commercial sport commands, but as Mr. Mitchell so aptly points, out can’t the media show a little more support for our own athletes that work, live and train in our communities? You can bet that come the Games in Salt Lake if our aerialists or riders do not perform, as the media would demand, the headlines would be the same as Sydney and Edmonton. And after the Games who really cares, as the media will continue to report on American sport superstars with the odd filler about a young Canadian athlete who is the world champion or rookie of the year on the World Cup tour. We have some great athletes; they just need a little support because they don’t have multi-million dollar sponsorships.

Will Pique be reporting on these accomplishments? The majority of these athletes live, train and work in the valley.

Cindy Thomson


It’s always nice to read articles in your newspaper about the real estate market here in Whistler and Pemberton. But I take exception to your quotes in the article "How Big is too Big." Your writer quoted a Whistler council member as saying that "It’s an American attitude, that you should be allowed to build what you want on your own property, etc, etc, etc."

This is too broad a generalization and is an irresponsible statement directed toward a nation of people that are here in Canada because they believe we are above that kind of attitude towards others. The trouble with printing a statement like that is that it offends our neighbours, good friends and excellent customers in this very successful marketplace. Let’s not kill the goose that laid the golden egg, we are very fortunate to have Americans as our neighbours in our country and in our community.

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