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Re: Oct. 11 letter by Mr. Bombois

Instead of offering a better alternative to the current U.S. counter-attack or constructive criticism of U.S. foreign policy, Mr. Bombois chose to rage against the "evil" U.S. government. Although I do believe he meant for his letter to be a wake-up call, I only saw yet another anti-American diatribe in the guise of reason and compassion.

Is the U.S. policy questionable or open to debate? Yes, certainly. To say the U.S. government is above reproach is foolish (or naive at best); however, to reduce the U.S. leaders to a bunch of evil men with evil intentions is equally foolish. To conclude the actions of the U.S. government are nothing more than the "pathetic ambitions of a few dominant men" or worse, to say U.S. policy is simply a "sick" one does not recognize or allow for the complexity of this present crisis. Furthermore, it negates any positive action taken in the past by the U.S. government (eg. Somalia and Bosnia, although even in those instances one could argue the U.S. operated with its best interests at heart as opposed to any "moral" reasons, but due to the time/space constraint, I won't touch that.)

At any rate, judging from his remarks, Mr. Bombois seems to pride himself in being a "clear-minded" thinker. To this I say: Please do not confuse uncompromising criticism and outright cynicism with critical thinking.

Mr. Bombois stated, "the American people are obviously excellent and worthy of admiration" and that his beef was with the "elite." If the poll results are true, the majority of Americans support the current course taken by the U.S. leaders; hence, if we follow Mr. Bombois' line of reasoning, the U.S. is simply a sick nation full of sick warmongers. I would laugh this off as ludicrous if it weren't for the fact that this sort of logic – and remarks such as: "...Sept. 11 is absolutely horrendous. Nonetheless it pales in comparison to the legacy of U.S. atrocities…" – could incite further prejudice and hatred towards the United States. Worse, it justifies/legitamizes the terrorist attack against "the most murderous regime in the history of our planet."

Even the U.S. media was attacked in his letter as a generator of lies and illusions. Has Mr. Bombois read any U.S. publications as of late? At least the American articles I've read have taken a responsible and balanced view; there is a lot of introspection and much debate over "correct" or alternative courses of action, as opposed to the expected rah-rah U.S. propaganda.

Mr. Bombois rants against the elite who possess money, power, and evil intentions. Curious how the Taliban (an oppressive government) and Osama bin Laden (a multi-millionaire who chooses to channel his money into acts of terror, as opposed to humanitarian aid) escaped his scrutiny and scorn.

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