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It is important to note that although the RMOW provided only a small portion of the funds required, the mayor, the members of council and the municipal staff have been major supporters and contributors to this project. They have been a constant resource and source of expertise and assistance. Without their commitment and unending goodwill, this important community amenity would not exist today.

Now that the facility is in operation, our board of directors and staff encourage you to come and explore the many opportunities available: dance and music programs, daycare, spiritual programs, youth centre, concerts, recording studio, darkroom, video conferencing, quiet space, etc. MY Place is a facility with an array of activities and programs for all ages and interests – truly a community gathering place.

Stephen L. Milstein

Chair, Board of Directors

Maurice Young Millennium Place

I enjoy reading the Pique each week, however reading last week's issue I was concerned by a statement made by Bob Barnett in Opening Remarks. In this editorial, Bob writes about how things went wrong in 2001 using the Canadian Alliance party as an example. While the Canadian Alliance party may or may not be symbolic of how things went wrong in 2001, I fail to see how a transvestite running for leadership of the party is relevant to the example.

If Bob Barnett objects to this person's political skills or qualifications for the job he should state this. Rather it seems irrational and irrelevant to imply that a transvestite running for leadership of the party is an example of its downfall. Rather, this could be seen as an example of Canadian's tolerance and embracing of difference.

Perhaps Bob Barnett believes a black, homosexual or Muslim running for leadership of the Canadian Alliance would be an equally good example of its downfall. While Bob has some interesting and valid ideas to share, his writing would fare better with a stronger adherence to reason rather than the use of statements designed to gain support via bigotry.

Canadians have a lot of things to be proud of; prejudice is not one of them.

Nadine Thomson

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