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The Olympic legacy — think Hong Kong

Whistler should embrace our Olympic opportunity. Whistler as it is now can be sustained. The Olympic venues and its associated needs can be developed in the Sea to Sky Corridor while sustaining our current values and natural environments. We should take this opportunity to plan a 100 per cent infrastructure solution for the Sea to Sky corridor. We should plan, engineer and redevelop our roads and rail lines to handle the projected populations for 2030 in the Greater Vancouver Region and the Cascadia Region in general. The municipality should have full support to take this opportunity to acquire and develop the Callaghan Valley using its visions and policies in association with the current landowners, First Nations and the province.

People should be aware that there are over 6.14 billion people on the earth who need places to live and engage in recreation. This is double the world population since 1960 and it is estimated to grow to 7.8 billion by 2025. From Plato to Socrates c/o Pique Newsmagazine

As one of your first and favourite students, I have read with interest your dialogue with G.D Maxwell in the Pique Newsmagazine (Lessons in Socratic irony, Jan. 11, 2002) but am puzzled and disappointed by the reversal in your role as a teacher in search of the truth, as described in the published dramatic Dialogues in the Republic, wherein you conducted the discussions. You've now let this latter day student of yours ask all the questions and then attempt to answer them himself in a rather quarrelsome way. Surely this is not the way to reach the truth. My own pupil, Aristotle, once wrote that "the man who quarrels with everything is, as has been said, churlish and contentious."

Might I respectfully suggest that resuming your usual role as the questioner might prove much more instructive and of greater assistance to your new pupil in his search for the truth. On the topic of the 2010 Olympic bid he has declared himself to be "skeptical, but open to persuasive arguments" and gave this as his reason for visiting you, as one of his old teachers. Perhaps some of the following questions might be posed by you to help him, and others who may be similarly skeptical, reach more well reasoned and informed conclusions:

1. Has he sought advice or information from those charged with conduct of the bid? They now have these amazing modern conveniences called telephones, Web sites and e-mail giving convenient access to information. By pursuing these channels he might easily have found out what he needed to know about their long standing knowledge of the IOC rule of only one city's name on the bid and their well intentioned attempt to have it relaxed to include Whistler's name, which unfortunately was met by the stolid and inflexible opposition of the IOC's Swiss lawyers, whose response was the same to other dual city bids (for example, Salzburg was told they could not use the name Kitzbühel in their bid, even though they also tried). The back-up strategy, now being put into effect, is to have the formal bid carry only Vancouver's name but to refer to the games themselves as the "Sea to Sky Games," perhaps even more embracing of the other affected communities of Squamish and Pemberton as well as the Callaghan valley area. The casting of aspersions by your student such as "sneaky, duplicitous and dark and almost sinister motives" does nothing to further the dialogue.

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