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In answer to Garry Watson's questions regarding the Olympics:

I have looked for info on the bid. Unfortunately its like eating a rice cake: very little substance and a whole lotta air. I want to see some meat on the bid and since I’m the payin' taxpayer I shouldn't really have to look.

The big deal about the budget is this: accurate and organized budgets are essential to ANY business. If they can't manage a few million, I'm somewhat concerned about giving them hundreds of millions. Furthermore, British Columbia has an abysmal track record when we mix big business, opportunistic politicians, and our collective need to prove to the world how great we are, in to large publicly supported mega projects.

I certainly do NOT feel obligated to realize the vision of the Olympics. It was a business opportunity first and foremost, don't kid yourself. And it didn't pan out, that's all. Myrtle Philip and Co were skiing here long before any talk of the Olympics. Personally, I prefer her vision, although I don't think she really had one. It seems like she was just having fun.

When I ask the question "what’s in it for me?" I'm asking about the bill. I ask this because since the start of corporate sponsorship of the Olympics every host venue has lost millions of dollars, while official sponsors increase their sales dramatically. I want to know how much taxpayer money it costs to run an Olympic-grade indoor speed skating oval six years after the Games, and why can't Coke, McDonald’s and Adidas pay for it? I guess it doesn't matter as long as we win gold, right?

If the Games are a good thing for Whistler then bring ’em on, but so far it is not looking good. The Olympic tradition includes tremendously negative impacts on local infrastructures and lifestyles, corruption and graft, and huge legacies of public debt, not to mention the carpet-bagging of local businesses. Remember gang, there is a reason why the Games have a promotion machine this large.

It’s the only way to polish a turd.

Alex Macdougall



As the story editor for the television series Whistler Stories , which is currently in production in Whistler, I wanted to thank you for the recent article in the Pique (Jan. 25 "Beautiful Fishbowl"). We think it helped explain to residents and visitors, who we are and what the series is all about.

We understand there are a few people in Whistler who are misinformed about the direction of the series and that it might jeopardize Whistler’s image as a world-class resort. I want to emphasize again that the nature of the program is that of a journalistic documentary and NOT the mountain equivalent of "Temptation Island". Our show is dedicated to chronicling the lives of a variety of compelling characters who live, work and play in Whistler as they overcome challenges in their lives including athletic, social and financial challenges.


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