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So, Mitch Rhodes believes Whistler can get into the "business of changing the world" by hosting the World Economic Forum. A noble idea (maybe a tad presumptuous).

Is Whistler ready? Possibly. Are the members of the WEF? I'm not sure.

These guys (and I'm certain the large majority are male) have spent hundreds of millions on these meetings since 1971. Yet Rhodes seems to agree with Ray Anderson's observation that "They (CEO's of the top 1,000 corporations and politicians) just don't get it, do they?"

They've been holding these meetings for over 30 years and they still don't get it?

Maybe it's time someone else got a shot. How ’bout this:

First, figure out how much would have been spent to bring all those world leaders, those richest of the rich, to Whistler. The first-class air fares, private jets, convoys of limos, $1,000-a-night hotel rooms, armies of security agents, sumptuous feasts, dazzling multi-media displays.... total it up and add to that the tens of millions that would have been spent on planning and security. Then tell them all to stay home, but send the money (they can afford it).

Next, use some of that money to bring in 1,000 single mothers instead. Invite them from around the world for the first annual Whistler Conference on Changing The World.

No need for private jets and first class airfare – most would probably be ecstatic just for the chance to sit down.

And I don't imagine their egos would be bruised if we brought them up the highway in buses instead of limos. Probably shrug and consider it an opportunity to get to know each other.

Five star suites? Don't need ’em. They're used to sharing space. And as for feasts well, tell a single mom you're gonna make a meal for her, any meal, and watch the tears come to her eyes.

Then, once they're all here and settled in, we get really bold – we give them the many millions we saved by not bringing in the other guys, and ask them to use the money to "change the world."

What would happen? The single moms I know would immediately get food to starving children. They'd get medicine to those who need it, support to victims of violence and war. They'd provide shelter for the homeless, loans to small businesses. It wouldn't take them 30 years to "get it." They'd do it quickly and economically. And they'd make sure there was enough left over to "sustain" their efforts.

They'd likely leave Whistler cleaner and better organized than when they arrived, and they'd probably teach us a few things about sustainability.


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