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When the protesters were blocked from entering Davos in January of 2001, they banded together at the frontiers and proceeded to move to Zurich and according to new reports, trashed several districts of Switzerland’s main city, causing significant property damage and personal injuries.

The town of Davos has 13,500 residents and about 36,250 tourist beds so it is even greater in size and stature than our World Class Whistler. I would hasten to say that the elected officials and leaders of Davos have gained a certain amount of sophistication in dealing with tourists from all over the world as well as the élite of the World Economic Forum. I truly question whether we possess similar levels of sophistication in Whistler, or are we really "babes in the woods" being hoodwinked by the big bad wolf?

The problem I have with the WEF is twofold. After my discussions in Davos with leaders and locals alike, it is my opinion that the majority wish to rid their idyllic mountain town of the WEF plague. So to think that we at Whistler are being chosen "over" Davos due to our sophisticated politicians and great weather is an anathema to me. Secondly, is the issue of costs. Our elected officials are ashamed to describe the very substantial costs to our taxpayers and long-term customers of Whistler, as opposed to the very minor benefits which accrue to the very few politicians who are chosen to rub shoulders with the likes of Bill Gates, Yassar Arafat and rent skis to Desmond Tutu. That we can press the issue of sustainability onto these mega-men is somewhat laughable to me.

At the moment, even with my advanced science degree, I am not quite sure what the "Natural Step" is other than good common sense, and I have fears that this is some consultant’s Ponsi scheme trying to rip off our community. The first "product" has been a handbook called "The Household Tool Kit" that should have rightfully been distributed at Myrtle Philip Elementary School but has rather added unsustainable mass to our rapidly diminishing landfill near Odiferous Junction.

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