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Sustainability to me means that the cost of living in Whistler should be such that the folks in the Toad Hall poster from 1971 should be able to afford the property taxes on the homes we built with our gamble on "pioneer" land prices and most often our own hands to craft our dwellings. I would further point out to you that our basic infrastructure is in disrepair. The road I live on, Alta Lake Road, looks like a highway in Afghanistan after the US bombing. Whistler Secondary School has just been ranked No. 133 in the Province out of 276 and Pemberton Secondary has gleaned the great honour of being 272 out of 276. To me, the World Economic Forum will cost us taxpayers at minimum $2 million and quite possibly $4 million; all for the privilege of having our community sealed off from the free world for at minimum five days and more likely seven days.

I therefore respectfully request that you, our elected representatives, do not take the representations of others at face value but research the actual happenings of the WEF in Davos during the last several years and honestly tell us taxpayers the costs and benefits of this proposal.

I appreciate that our mayor and council believe this could be an opportunity for Whistler to be a leader in the world and "get our name out there"; however, I must point out to you that there are a number of people in the world who meet Kings, Queens, presidents and arms dealers without inviting them home for dinner. I have the privilege of working in 25 countries and to me, the image of Whistler from those countries looking back here is that we, in Whistler and in Western Canada, have a reputation for sport, unsurpassed beauty, nature and peace. To bring riot police, razor wire and the very disparate group of corporate leaders from the World Economic Forum into Whistler and change our positive image is a very bad move for the future of Whistler.

I kindly request that we cease and desist from this current madness and focus on the things that are important such as better services, better schools and lower taxes.

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