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Over the past six months, we have had four occasions where our windows have been broken out by rocks and snowballs thrown by individuals returning home after "partying" in the village. Within the past two weeks, my wife awoke to find an intruder in our home rummaging through our belongings and otherwise terrorizing her in the process. This past weekend, at 1:30 a.m., we awoke to a car attempting to "run down" individuals walking home after "getting their fill" in the village. When I called 911, it was suggested that we may be "having a bad dream," until the dispatcher actually could hear the screaming and screeching tires over my irritated voice.

It is a nightly occurrence that we experience lewd and drunken behaviour by patrons of local night clubs passing by on their way home. Additionally, we observe drugs being sold at many places in the village, read your publication about a cocaine problem in Whistler, hear about violence in the village and see the offensive behaviour of taxi patrons after hours.

It seems to us that the RMOW needs to recognize that there are current issues of civil disobedience and inadequate policing that need to be resolved before the Olympic bid. Also, if Whistler can’t seem to handle the small stuff, how in the world can it consider having the WEF in town?

Stan Lochrie



It is ironic that at a time when young Canadians are visiting, memorializing and paying tribute to those who sacrificed their lives at Vimy Ridge, a battle which is often referred to as defining Canada as a nation, that Church leaders, native groups and others are advocating destroying ballots or not voting on the referendum.

"We shall not sleep though poppies grow."

K.C. Hill



As a Whistler publication it is reasonable that the focus of your stories is the Whistler community. So it’s understandable when you report that Vancouver Coastal Health Authority (VCHA) board appointee Dave Brownlie "is confident he can be the voice for Whistler’s concerns." (Brownlie to represent corridor on new health authority, Pique March 29, 2002).

And although Brownlie suggests he will represent the interests of the entire Sea to Sky corridor, he has acknowledged elsewhere that he was not appointed to represent the corridor per se.

In addition to Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, the North Shore, and the Sea-to-Sky Corridor, the VCHA area includes all of the Sunshine Coast, Powell River and with some mental health affiliation with Bella Bella and Bella Coola. With such a large area and such diverse communities, it’s astonishing that there would be only one board member from outside the Vancouver area. It would appear that no consideration has been given to community expertise and input.

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