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Jami Scheffer (Firdork), Anna and Michael Fidork and Babba



RE: AWARE Wetlands Project Receives Funding from Community.

On behalf of AWARE and, more specifically, the Valley Bottom Greenbelt and Wetlands Committee, I would like to extend extreme gratitude towards both the Whistler Golf Club and the Whistler-Blackcomb Environment Fund for donating funds towards our Whistler wetlands projects.

On May 9 the Whistler Golf Club held its annual Local’s Day, raising $6,900 for use in the community. Nearly 200 individuals came out on the greens to fundraise for local charities. AWARE was this year’s lucky recipient of the amount raised.

The Whistler-Blackcomb Environment Fund also donated over $4,500 towards AWARE’s planned wetland restoration work. This fund is entirely employee driven and has become an enormous success in our community. The donated funds will be allocated toward the planting component of several wetlands restoration projects including a viewing platform at the Lost Lake wetland complete with interpretive signage, and several restoration projects to be conducted in co-operation with the Whistler Fish Stewardship Group.

To both organizations we extend our HUGE thanks for granting AWARE the funds to help restore and protect the health of our valley bottom wetlands.

Wendy Horan, Director

The Association for Whistler Residents for the Environment (AWARE), and the Valley Bottom/Wetlands Sub-Committee


Is glass the best solution for Whistler's bus stops?

Normally I refrain from griping about Whistler's many little idiosyncrasies that occasionally annoy me. However, this particular straw seems to be putting a strain on my back.

My friend and I can't help but keep noticing all of the smashed windows surrounding the transit bus stops. Today alone, we observed three broken windows in three different locations. Since we have started to take note, some windows seem to have been replaced and broken again. How much does it cost to replace all of this glass? Is glass the best solution?

Obviously shelter from the many seasonal (sometimes very harsh) elements is a must. I certainly do not profess to be an expert in this area however, there must be a more durable alternative. Or are the RMOW's pockets so deep these days that these continuous costs have become inconsequential?

Beau Jarvis/Davey Barr



We need to finally agree on what green energy is, why it is good, what the options are, and what the state of the technology is. No power generation technology is perfect but I will assert that any non-polluting renewable technology is certainly green when compared with coal, gas and nuclear technologies.

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