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I would like to start by thanking all those involved in the organization and performances of this years Weetama. It was an excellent week and I look forward to next year’s event. In a town where we are constantly hit with extravagant sports events, it's nice to finally have a little spirit and culture.

I was born right here on the west coast, and spent my whole life playing in the great outdoors. As a result I have an amazing respect for the people of this land and how they used the land to live. In a sense this is all of our (west coasters’) heritage. But something happened this week that sickened me. Being a bit of a patio dweller, I caught many of the acts and heard a lot of the comments, a lot of comments I wish I didn't hear.

I am completely amazed and disappointed with how many people I heard making very derogatory remarks towards the event and people. I am shocked that this type of attitude exists so openly and commonly. I have seen a side of some of the local community I have never seen in six years, and hope I never see again. I hope that these people will try and open their minds, you never know what you may learn.

Once again, thanks to all who participated and I hope to see this event stay in Whistler.

Jonn Leeden



Dear Mr. Doug (I'm so sensitive) Decloux,

Thanks for generalizing that all Whistler men are 20... and a special thanks for all that personal information in your letter.

Try the Web site: www.i eedhelplettinggoofmyTOattitude.com

Sandi Ross

Comox, B.C.


Get a life

In response to that extremely bitter (single) woman bashing all of the men in Whistler:

If you stopped and thought for one minute that perhaps your attitude may be the reason for some of the men in Whistler being jaded and emotionally crippled, you might solve the mystery of why someone like you couldn't find a good man (in 11 years!).

As much as it would be nice to put all men into one basket and name them all "jaded, emotionally crippled and in a suspended state of adolescence," that would also mean that all the women of Whistler could be tagged as fussy, uptight snobs, but that just wouldn't be fair.

So, how about taking your head out of the clouds for one second and taking a look around and you may realize that not every guy in Whistler came from the same mould and that one them may even be stupid enough to put up with a whining cow like yourself.

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