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Death and taxes

Kudos to the RMOW for commissioning a study to determine that the U.S. resorts have a tax structure which is more equitable and helpful to the resort sustainability than that experienced in Canada. The irony of local government complaining about inequitable taxation is refreshing.

Hopefully this information will be used to argue for a better distribution of tax revenues (particularly those generated from tourism and the local economy) rather than justification for handful of new locally collected taxes to be paid by visitors, owners and residents.

I would also be interested in seeing a study, which compares our per capita municipal operating and capital expenditures to other resorts. Are we under funded, or are we spending money ineffectively and unnecessarily? I look forward to seeing this analysis.

Visitors and residents regularly comment on the plethora of taxation that they face here in Whistler. Strategies which increase the individuals and businesses tax burden will certainly have a negative impact on the future success, and consequently, the sustainability of the resort community.

Pat Kelly



I would like to thank Mr. Tom Thomson for his support of a publicly owned railway. After all, we cannot let corporations rule the world. Although, I suggest that instead of building new rail-buses, we repair our passenger trains and put them back into service with a new schedule. This will be to provide us with an alternative form of transportation for the best price.

Economical growth from a new highway will be from an increase in fuel consumption, automobile reliance, highway maintenance and traffic accidents. These are all benefits to our economy, but are they a benefit to us?

Bjorn Gimse



A masterful plan for the Callaghan, by G.D. Maxwell

Good idea Maxwell, but if you can afford a "nice aluminium Airstream" you should park it next to the "dark empty houses in the Callaghan" rather than get a spot in the "affordable single-family trailer park for da people."

Christa Hammons



Empty package from stolen postal truck

We recently received an empty package with a standard letter from Canada Post with their sincere apologies. I think the thieves are the ones who should be apologizing.

The empty brown paper wrapping was addressed to my daughter so we weren’t sure if it was a birthday present for my soon to be 2-year-old or an early Christmas present. After a phone call was made to her Great Aunt it was discovered that the intended gift was a hand-made Santa quilt for her crib.

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