Letters to the editor 

Dear Santa and Ulhr;

Thank you very much for your generosity and kindness on Christmas Day 2002. We must have all been very good boys and girls in Whistler in 2002 to receive over 110 cm of fresh, light, cold, powder.

We had faith in both of you all the time and knew that it was only a matter of time before the skies opened and dumped on us in a big way. Starving us for the early season has taught us all the value of quality powder snow.

Thanks also for making the storm stall right over us and very special thanks for freezing the shivs on the Whistler Village Gondola on Boxing Day so that 80 per cent of the people that were going to go up Whistler Mountain decided to go up Blackcomb. One more thank you for opening the Harmony Express and the Peak Chair in the early afternoon to seal the deal on the best day ever... so far.

You two dudes must be very good friends, very cool dudes, and powder hounds.

Not to be greedy, but I have a request; could you please help speed up the process to decriminalize or legalize marijuana in Canada in 2003 so we can all enjoy it freely.

I am sure that I speak on behalf on all Whistlerites to let you know that we will all be good boys and girls in Whistler in 2003, so please, bring it on.

Thanks a million deep turns.

Paul Benoit


A forgotten item on Christmas Eve turned into a nasty situation. I am not trying to get out of the fine I was given but one has to picture this scene.

It was 5 p.m. in Nesters parking lot. It was snowing. People were frantically trying to get some shopping done. You could feel the tension. Delivery trucks were parked in the drive way. People were waiting at both ends for parking spots or just to get out of there. There was no parking; in fact one could not get out of the lot because of the congestion. Actually, I did not mind it. It is, after all, part of the season.

I had forgotten an item earlier and knew it should not take more than two minutes to snap it up. The two vacant handicapped spots in front of me were too tempting. I had never done this, out of respect, but I did pull in with my blinkers on and I am sorry that I did. Christmas stress I guess. When I got back to my car, eight minutes had passed. ( I did not count on the line-up). A police cruiser had parked behind my vehicle with lights flashing. It looked like an NYPD crime scene. I apologized guiltily and took my ticket. An angry passerby accused me of inconsideration for the handicapped. I told him that I was actually a very caring person. I finally told him to go away. The second space beside me was still vacant.

Had I been the officer, I would have been of help, directed the traffic, got the delivery trucks to the side, you know, been a real Santa. In other words helped instead of making a bigger mess. The angry man called Merry Christmas after he saw me get my ticket.

"Merry Christmas," I said.

Helga Ruiterman


To the Christmas Tree Napper

I hope that whoever stole my Christmas tree and lights from outside my front door gets as much enjoyment from it as my children were getting! As it was built on a garden trellis it would be nice if, after Christmas, it is returned so that we can continue to use it to grow flowers up in the spring. Merry Christmas to everyone, except the mean spirited individual who took my tree.

John Nicoll


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