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This letter was addressed to Premier Gordon Campbell.

Mr. Campbell, while you were in Hawaii, you broke the law. To make matters worse, you are trying to discount this as a "personal mistake on personal time." Driving while Impaired is a criminal offence here in B.C. We have the same legal limit as they have in Hawaii, 0.08. Your action in Hawaii is not just a personal mistake on personal time, you broke their law and ours.

This is a black and white issue.

Your comments at Sunday’s press conference might be acceptable if we were talking about littering or graffiti, which is not a criminal offence here in Canada. I would be able to excuse littering as "a personal mistake on personal time." I could even excuse cheating on your wife as "a personal mistake on personal time." However, I cannot excuse Driving while Impaired.

Driving while Impaired is equivalent to Attempted Murder, not littering, graffiti or infidelity.

I for one, as a 33-year resident of B.C., call for your immediate resignation because you are playing down the severity of breaking the law and drunk driving. You broke the law while in the most influential office in our province, take the high road and resign.

Emma DalSanto



How's that again?

One expects a certain amount of hypocrisy from politicians, but when a local scribe indulges in this practise, it's too much to take.

Could it be that Max's "Talkin' Bout My Generation" piece last fall was a guilt-ridden attempt at catharsis, after he wrote of his spring exploits in the nauseatingly obsequious "The Ultimate Present" (Pique, December 27th)? If CMH isn't the playground of the ultra rich and ultra corporate, I don't know what is. Also, is this the same CMH Cariboo Lodge that has local conservation groups irate because its tenure area includes prime winter habitat for several species?

We all know who butters your bread, Max. Must be hard to swallow.

Mark Grist

North Vancouver


Giant Lost!

It is with deep reflection that I mourn the loss of one of Whistler’s giants. For over 30 years I have pondered his stalwart watch over White Gold and the village area. His shadow often graced me with a respite from the high noon day sun along Fitzsimmons creek. Yes, we have lost one of the tallest spruce trees in the Whistler Valley during that intense windstorm two weeks ago. It is my solace that we in the community collectively ensured that the high bench alluvial forest, once slated for a golf driving range, will forever provide the opportunity to grow immensely tall trees again. Now that’s sustainability.

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