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As the Olympic fever continues to grow in Whistler and Vancouver, a feeling of resentment and outrage is quickly growing in the B.C. Interior.

Hospitals are closing, schools shut down, government employees laid off. A loss of 300 jobs last year in the Nelson area was equivalent to the loss of 300,000 jobs in the Lower Mainland. A huge blow to their local economy, already struggling in these uncertain times. You might not know this living in the Whistler bubble, but the rest of the province is deeply resentful of our position. And rightfully so, the 2010 Olympics are for Whistler and Vancouver, not B.C. What gives us the right to expect B.C. taxpayers to pay for our Olympics through personal taxes for the next 10 years? Where is the private sector in all this? I guess they just get our hydro and health care to do with what they wish.

Maybe this is punishment for years of NDP rule. Why would B.C. want our own hydro when we could have the Olympics for a few weeks? If our taxes don't go towards social programs anymore it's really easy to justify the Olympics. After all what else will we have to pay for, except for higher hydro rates and medicare premiums? Our tax dollars can pay for a $3 billion party. But we won't be able to attend because prices will be so high only the truly rich will be able to enjoy our Olympics.

We are being punished by a government with only one motive. To truly destroy our social programs while we live the Olympic dream. Hopefully a few locals will be left in Whistler when the big day arrives; maybe we can direct traffic or volunteer to clean the stadiums for a discounted ticket or two.

I would like to see the Olympics, but not at the cost of our publicly owned resources. Something truly Canadian should not be sacrificed for three weeks of fame. Doe's B.C. really want to pay for the Olympics or just 64 per cent of Vancouver? How can that truly justify the billions of dollars needed from our pockets? We deserve better than this!

Phil Robinson



One thing I have found lacking in the Olympic debate is a decent comparison of the three bids: PyeongChang, South Korea; Salzburg, Austria; and Vancouver, Canada. Our illustrious "Yes" and "No" supporters are suffering from a failure to compare the two other bid cities in relation to Vancouver. I have read all the bid books and I believe Salzburg, Austria has the best bid. Rather than being a "No Games" in Vancouver fanatic, I am pro-Salzburg based on a rational comparison of three choices.

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