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I have not heard much support for Chretien through the whole Iraq war but here is what Bruce A. Gorcyca, a U.S. citizen and military veteran living in Mississauga, Ontario, who should know what is going on, has to say:

"For months preceding the Iraq invasion and all through the conflict, the Bush administration claimed that oil was not their motive for deposing the Hussein regime.

"Instead, we were fed manure about dangerous ‘weapons of mass destruction’ that posed an ‘imminent threat.’

"Yet the first thing coalition forces did upon landing in Iraq was secure the Basra and northern oil fields.

"Their second priority was securing the oil ministry building, while hospitals and museums were being looted.

"Now, as we watch the Bush administration pressure the United Nations Security Council for control of Iraq's oil profits, are we still to believe that Iraq's trillion-dollar oil reserves were not the real reason that thousands of people were killed and maimed over the last two months?

"Good old Jean Chretien wasn't fooled. He withstood incredible pressure and did the right and moral thing.

"The Canadian prime minister has more integrity than U.S. President George W. Bush will ever know in his lifetime."

Phil Chew


Re: The simple "Hello"

What happened to it? It was a refreshing attitude/tradition amongst Whistlerites, and it seems to be lost. I don't want to live in the past but it was nice to pass someone on a trail, any trail, and have them say "Hello", "Hey", "G-Day" or just "eh".

In the last couple of years this tradition has gone by the way side and I think it needs to be resurrected. Maybe we just need to teach the new locals to say hello to everyone they meet, because we live in the best place in the world. Whistler.

Chris Susko


It is not often that I am moved to write an editor. But then it is not often that I am moved by another's letter.

I did not witness Adam Protter's self-described outburst and I have not even spoken to him for over a year. However, I did have the pleasure and privilege to work with Adam for several years and I believe he is a good man, with a good heart.

We all face challenges and sometimes lose our temper and make mistakes. But most of us don't carry the burden that Adam carries. I certainly hope that Adam finds the forgiveness that he seeks – including his own.

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