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Despite spending many sunny afternoons enjoying Rainbow Park, I have never seen the ‘Gong Show’ described in last week’s article. I’m assuming the drug complaint refers to people smoking pot – unless I’ve missing something and people are shooting up in the bushes. How does people sharing a casual joint in the sun affect someone else’s enjoyment of the park? Yes, pot is currently illegal, and obviously any blatant consumption of the drug spotted by an enforcement officer must be addressed, but realistically, this is Whistler, and smoking pot is as common as drinking coffee.

Enjoying a nice cold beer in the sun is also illegal, but in my observation everybody is very responsible about their enjoyment of this hops-flavoured drink, packing out everything they pack in. How can this interfere with someone’s enjoyment of the park?

There are better uses for the limited cash available to our RCMP than sending undercover cops into a park to catch adults drinking a beer. Kudos to the officers who patrol the park, while they know they must enforce the ‘rules’, they do so with a smile and some leeway. While one person may be motivated enough to write a letter of complaint about a situation, the hundreds of people who enjoy that very same situation have no reason to write a complimentary letter. In this way, the vocal minority has a detrimental effect on the lifestyle of the silent majority. To truly address these issues within the community, we must not only listen to those who call for tighter rules, regulations and enforcement, but also to those that would advocate less rules, regulations and enforcement. For any community, the comfortable balance lies somewhere in the middle. Live and let live.

K. Grant



This letter is regarding the supposed ‘gong show’ at Whistler’s public parks. Barbara Jane Dow writes that she finds the beach "so upsetting and so unpleasant" that she doesn't go there anymore. My personal experience over the past few years has been anything but. Lost Lake and Rainbow Park are two of the last few places in the village that locals and visitors alike can spend an enjoyable afternoon. Laws are laws and unfortunately alcohol and marijuana are illegal in that setting and our bylaws state that dogs must be on leashes except during certain hours. But can't we all just get along?

I would imagine if you asked the majority of visitors to those parks or any parks in Whistler they would only have positive things to say. Are we now going to go as far as "putting up sandwich boards at the entrance to every park outlining the rules" because of a small but vocal minority? Perhaps we should issue a bylaw against swimming or having fun because those as well can be dangerous activities. How about we focus our energies on more important things, like affordable housing and sustainability.


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