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Dan Wilson



I have noticed articles recently in the press which indicate substantial likelihood of landslides in Whistler Village (Fitzsimmons Creek) and along Highway 99. Then there is the infamous Order-In-Council which declared the risk of landslide to be so high that it is unsafe to stop your car within the danger zone – hence all the no stopping signs. The risk is considered so great that, during the flooding last fall, traffic was stopped several kilometres away from the repair area. This caused longer delays for traffic.

While these potential slides would not affect the Olympic venues themselves any slide would affect venue access (or accommodation) by spectators with pre-sold and expensive tickets.

What would have happened during voting last July had the IOC delegates been made aware that the risk was considered serious but the bid book said that the risk was "extremely low"?

How much press would this moral turpitude have created in Salzburg and Pyeongchang? Had this been revealed would there be a bid surplus?

D. McDonald



It's official: dogs are no longer allowed on the Whistler Golf Course. I appreciate the politeness of the course employees with respect to this new issue, and ask that you continue to be courteous and understanding in the coming weeks before you open. You operate upon one of the only pieces of grass between two popular, family-oriented subdivisions.

There are those of us who believe in treading lightly while enjoying one of life's simple pleasures. Please don't misinterpret any non-compliance on our part as being disrespectful or ignornant. Please don't fine us, arrest us or have us beaten. A 3-wood does more damage to your turf than my dog ever will.

Perhaps if more dog owners are responsible and respectful of the area, we will continue to be permitted to enjoy this green space as we always have.

No laws are needed where there is respect.

Peter Arnott



On behalf of the Canadian Cancer Society, we’d like to thank all of the businesses, volunteers and supporters of the Daffodil Days fundraising campaign. The weekend of March 27-28th we sold over 10,000 daffodils throughout Whistler – people were so generous that we sold out of flowers early Sunday afternoon! Congratulations on raising $6,000! Half of the funds will support cancer research, and the other half will stay in the community to assist local cancer patients and their families. It’s really great to be part of such a giving, generous community.

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