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Victoria Day long weekend – what a disgrace.

As I was getting ready to submit my letter, I read in the Monday Province that Whistler had to call up an additional 30 police officers to handle the party crowd and one person was sent to hospital. I fail to understand why the municipality can’t get a grip on a growing problem in Whistler, and that is the youth that come to party and cause problems for others who are there to enjoy.

I am a Whistler homeowner and for many years have enjoyed coming to Whistler with my husband and two young children to get away from the city and enjoy the breathtaking mountains and all that Whistler has to offer. But more and more, each time we come up the problems just continue. The Victoria Day long weekend in past years has been the worst, and you would think that by now the municipality would have the proper resources in place to handle these problems. Everywhere you looked there were crowds of young people, openly drinking in public (which I thought was breaking the law, but I guess not if you are in Whistler), hurling profanities left, right and centre, having total disregard for people walking through the village with young children, making rude gestures and at one point we saw a couple of guys hurling themselves into the Creek in front the Brewhouse in only their underwear and then making rude comments toward the people that saw them.

The entire time we spent walking through the village we did not see one police officer or bylaw officer, and all this was going on through the day and into the early evening. I would have been afraid to be out in the later hours just for fear of what else was going on.

Then of course, we can’t forget about Saturday night – and oh what a night it was. We chose to stay in an upper-scale development away from the village centre thinking it would be best. Of course, that didn’t work as many of these homes were occupied by many young party-goers, probably no older than 20 years of age.

At one point I called the security company at approximately midnight and they advised me that it could be a bit of a wait as they were working on 10 previous calls. Where were all of these reinforcements that were brought up to assist? I got the impression that the gentlemen on the other end of the line wasn’t too impressed.

It is truly unfortunate that with the many taxes and fees that Whistler homeowners pay that the municipality can’t seem to find it in its budgets to allocate enough funds to have more patrol working the weekends in order to stop some of this insanity from going on. There is no reason that families need to be subjected to foul and vulgar actions. I hope that it was only the Lower Mainlanders who were subjected to this because I would hate to think that visitors from outside the Lower Mainland would see this and think this is what Whistler is all about.


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