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This letter was addressed to Paul Shakotko, manger of transportation for the RMOW

Re: Turning Nancy Greene Drive bridge into one lane

I am a long-time White Gold resident. Since I will be away from Whistler on June 16 I won't be able to express my opinion at the open house but would like to present my views for consideration.

First, to those residents concerned about traffic safety and speeds in the neighbourhood I would point out that the speeders and those who routinely ignore stop signs are unlikely to suddenly become considerate drivers who will politely wait their turn to cross the bridge. They are more likely to create "Mexican stand-offs". Both sides of the bridge are very close to intersections so it is possible that back-ups could occur that would affect traffic approaching Nancy Greene Drive from Fitzsimmons Drive North and South as well as from Blackcomb Way.

Second, if, as you state in your letter, your analysis shows that the volume of traffic could easily be accommodated in a single lane, it follows that pedestrians and cyclists can easily cross the bridge safely by simply paying attention to normal traffic.

Third, please stop searching for more and more ways to spend our money. We don't want or need your suggested modifications to the White Gold Bridge. When it needs to be replaced, you could consider making it wider to accommodate a pedestrian lane; until then it's just fine as it is. "If it ain’t broke, don't fix it!"

Sheila Dixon



Re: Private health care a reality for Whistler Medical Clinic (Pique, June 4)

Maybe overly enthusiastic to achieve a proper fit with the storyline, Adam Daff misquoted me on two accounts in last week's article regarding the next election's implications for health care.

"Health care is not a political issue"? I stated that I don't have a consuming interest in the matter. That doesn't mean that I deny government's impact on medicine. Anything funded by the public is automatically political. If I'm not inclined to follow the issues too closely, it's probably because I'm relatively satisfied with the current system. I hope my patients are, too.

More disappointing was the quote alleging that "private health care is the most important". What I said was "Why do Canadians enjoy the privilege of spending their own money on anything they want, except that which is most important – their health?"

Thomas DeMarco



This letter is in response to an article written on John Reynolds’ travel costs.


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