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Re: Maxed Out, Sheepish Ontario voters have one final chance (Pique June 11)

I'm not completely sure how having his head shoved up his ass makes G.D. Maxwell think himself a fit political commentator on the upcoming federal elections and Ontario's place in it. He states at the beginning of a typically self-righteous, self important rant, that he lived in Ontario for nine years which, he seems to believe, eminently qualifies him as someone "who knows."

Despite being confused by the irrelevance of his trite, space filling, rambling on the relationship of love and lust used for no apparent reason as the introduction into a piece on Ontario bashing, I was able to gather that he felt Ontario was somewhere that could sway an election and that it was somehow an ovine place because the vast majority of its citizens thought the Liberals would be the most fit party to govern the country.

To back whatever vague point he was making, Maxwell gloatingly spits out a few paragraphs covering 20 years of provincial political history, gleefully and arrogantly pointing out some (among others he missed) faults of the politicians in power during those times. These faults, he seems to be implying, are the faults of Ontarians, or the fault of Ontarians.

While it's plain that he harbours some grudge against Ontarians for past election results, Maxwell (and by extension, everybody) might have been better served if he'd written something intelligent or thoughtful rather than attempting a mediocre history of provincial politics coloured only by childishly acid comments. We all might have been better served if rather than trying to make himself appear clever by systematically bashing every person he refers to in his article (including B.C.), he'd presented us with some context to the choices faced by Ontarians in those elections, if he'd taken a little less time ranting and a little more time trying to dig up an insight or two. Looking hard between the lines I couldn't find anything any more enlightening than the realization that this column is a complete waste of my time. Really, we'd have been best served if, in a single line, he'd just come out and said, "I have an infantile dislike for the way Ontarians have voted in the past."

As a native Ontarian I'd like to say just one more thing: all of the leaders Ontario elected in the last 20-odd years have managed to avoid falling into police custody. We could have done a lot worse.

Jesse Rivers


I am directing this letter to the citizens of Squamish. As Squamish resident John Ritchie so aptly put it at the Squamish Test of Metal Mountain Bike Festival's volunteer party this past Sunday evening, "with a group like this I am proud to be a citizen of Squamish." Once again the local residents showed exactly what the true meaning of community is.


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