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7. The need to address Environmental Noise Issues:

The use of helicopters in the proximity of residential neighbourhoods and the downtown core will affect the quality of life for Pemberton residents. The timing of helicopter logging will also have a negative effect on tourists who will experience the loud noise.

8. The need for a Visual Management Plan:

The presentation to Council did not provide detailed digital terrain modeling of the proposed cut blocks. Will these cut blocks be consistent with the Sea to Sky LRMP or the landscape units consistent with the objectives of the LUP? The need for detailed images for the public to review is very important to the public process.

9. The need to review the Integrated Water Management Plan:

Logging in the community watershed has great impacts on water quality and the safety of our drinking water. Do the proposed cut blocks 800-5 and 800-6 meet the requirements of the Community Watershed Assessment?

The Village of Pemberton would like further clarification on the above issues and invites you to present your findings. We consider the risk to our community values as very high compared to the limited timber values that exist in TL #0741.

We hope your co-operation with the Village of Pemberton will extend beyond these current issues.

Mayor Elinor Warner


Silent partners

Last week the Pique thoughtfully reported on the new Whistler Welcome Centre, the dramatically increased visitor numbers and the benefits this facility inures to Chamber members and the community at large.

Among several contributing partners that make this happen, chief among them is the Resort Municipality of Whistler. RMOW, through the hotel tax, funds the lion’s share of the staffing cost for the centre.

Studying Visitor Info Centres across Canada one finds chronic under funding and rampant jurisdictional in-fighting (read dysfunctional politics). We are fortunate at Whistler to have a mechanism that can fund these success stories, and a silent partner that knows how to make them happen.

Brent Leigh


Whistler Chamber of Commerce

We were a bit surprised that Mr. Tom Thomson chose to write a letter to the editor criticizing the mayor for driving a hybrid Honda Civic in the Canada Day parade, since he was informed at the event that the mayor was asked to drive the car to promote car-sharing, the resort community’s newest sustainability initiative. We are nonetheless grateful, since his letter gives us a great opportunity to advertise it again. For free!

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