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Kudos to whomever is responsible for Faith Hill and the great concert on Saturday.

Truly the most professional entertainer ever in Whistler. Totally Awesome concert.

The venue on the other hand was questionable. Changing it from the Creekside was a huge mistake. First of all ,the good tickets that sold out immediately weren't really available for locals so we had to settle for the next best seats, then when the venue was changed those tickets weren’t refundable. They weren't cheap either!

Also, if it had been allowed to go at Creekside the food and drink would have been more than acceptable… which I'm afraid they weren't at good old Base ll. The only drinks that were available were beer (which I could live on), vodka lemonade and cheap, cheap sweet cider. Some patrons were not impressed... the hot dogs and burgers weren't as good as what I  can make, there was no where to sit ( I was even told that I couldn't sit on the ground in the beer garden – what about some hay bails cowboys?), the washroom situation was really poor, too little of course, but  what about that co-ed party in the men's washroom at 18 Below?

Anyway, maybe it's just me, but with all that free parking, the restaurants, stores, nice views of the Peak and Triconi, shouldn't we be trying to support the Creekside to develop and survive these formative years? And while I'm on the subject, couldn't we use a drug store, liquor store, and post office in this end of town? Who's in charge around here anyway?

Thanks for the great effort on what I'm told was short notice, but please try to learn from it.

Bruce Watt


Re: The party’s over

Dear B. Dover:

Strangely, a quick scan of the Squamish, Pemberton and Whistler phone directories does not include a listing for B. Dover — Ben or otherwise. In fact, not a Dover to be found in all 116 white pages.

So, allow me to assume that, despite the Pique’s policy indicating otherwise, you chose not to attach your real name to last week’s letter which more or less blamed me personally for everything that’s wrong in our community. I find it interesting that you chose to have my name appear in print but not your own.

I have been taught that it is important to respect other people’s opinions, even if they differ from your own. I believe that freedom of speech makes our society stronger and I fully accept that feedback and criticism are essential in the process towards making all things better.

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