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I recall one day sitting atop Whistler Mountain near the Khyber hut remarking to my friend, "Can you imagine a 737 roaring through this valley on its way to Pemberton?"

At the time, it seemed a crazy thought with little substance. Now with the proposal in debate it might not be such a far fetched idea at all. As time rolls along, crazy dreams or ideas start to make sense... very little in some cases, but still a little.

That same day we also discussed the image of a 20 or 30 storey high-rise tower jutting out from Function Junction. We imagined the project would be called Residential Resort Tower. A 20-storey building filled with commercial space on the bottom floor, a laundry mat on the second, maybe underground parking and 40 to 50 two- or three-bedroom units with views of Sproatt and West Bowl.

The need for such a tower seemed obvious to us at the time. Now with over 400 people on the WHA waitlist it seems evident that such a need exists. Do I think it is a good idea? Well, it does have its pros and cons. I do however, believe that the housing situation in Whistler needs a radical solution through some radical thinking. I don't like hearing about how my friend or neighbour is leaving town because they can't afford to own here. How these workers and enthusiasts moved here to ski and now are being forced out because they only make $40,000 a year. Many of these people who leave town end up living a miserable existence in a high-rise in the city anyhow (miserable because they live in the city not because they live in a high-rise).

My friend who I sat with up atop Whistler now lives in a one-bedroom in Squamish that has no balcony. If you asked him, "would you be willing to live in a high-rise if it meant you could stay in Whistler?" the answer would be a resounding yes. If you asked the skier who passed us that day if she would mind if my friend lived in a high-rise down there beside that stream in Function; her answer would likely be "yes" also.

Too bad you can't please everyone at the same time. Maybe the company that has the 737 proposal can whip up a high-rise proposal while they are at it.

Jon Decaigny



Re: Nick Davies’s re zoning application

Only a lawyer could come up with something and use words to present it in such a manner that it would appear that his re zoning application is to give us – the community – a wonderful opportunity.

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