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Further, the mayor asks where we are to get the power that the Ashlu could create? The Cheakamus hydro project alone makes enough power (800 Gigawatt hours per year) to run all the homes in the SLRD four times over (based on information from B.C. Hydro’s Web site). There has been no backlash from the recreational community towards the IPPs put on Furry Creek, Britannia Creek, Brandywine Creek, the Soo River, Miller Creek, or both of projects on the Mamquam, and we are forced to live with the ones on the Cheakamus, and the Rutherford. In total, these projects create around 7.5 times (1,500 Gigawatt hours) the power that the SLRD needs to run our homes. All we want to do is save one of our true gems, the Ashlu, in its natural state.

Jonaven Moore



While walking down by the Squamish waterfront last week envisioning what will one day be the diamond now in the rough, a flock of geese flew overhead in the chevron formation seen during migration season; typical of Canadian autumn skies. Several hours later another family of geese flew by, again in perfect formation and again profoundly touching me with their perfect unison airborne alchemy. What was it, I wondered, that was so unique about these birds that distinguished them as leaders in the avian world?

Well, time spent pondering this question led me to the Internet where I quickly learned that the sense of camaraderie demonstrated by the "V" formation is actually a form of very intelligent collaboration where the bird in second place stays behind the leader until the leader tires, and then takes the lead. The other birds sense the nuance in the air and surf on it, making the job of flying slightly easier. As each bird adds to the wake it assists the birds behind, from strongest to weakest, creating one flock of geese moving with great ease in their desired direction while also enabling birds of differing abilities to fly at a constant speed with a common endurance.

"Well," a friend of mine replied when I shared my newest goose infatuation, "an augury can be very helpful from time to time." I had to agree. The geese reminded me of my experience working at the Whistler Chamber of Commerce.

My experience this past year working for Brent Leigh has been one that I'll never forget. While Brent set the parameters and direction for the rest of his team, it was always with a unique mindset of collaboration and individual success. And if any of us got tired and fell to the back of the formation, he would always step up in place until we were strong enough to thrive on our own again. Brent intelligently designed our organization as geese design the "V" formation, so that we could work together and function at our fullest potential while also realizing and meeting the needs of the chamber, of our members and of the Whistler community at large.

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